Pantone, the world leader in all things color-related, employs a team of trendsters that predict what will be hot in hues each year. At this year’s International Home & Housewares show, their Color Predictions booth was giving off some serious Sigma Kappa vibes.

While 2011 saw lots of decor items in greens from kelly to chartreuse, pops of orange, and of course Honeysuckle (Pantone’s 2011 color of the year), it appears that 2012 is going to include some cooler colors, including those dear to our heart, lavender & maroon. Although we know lavender (Pantone’s swatch is named “Stonewash”) and maroon look fantastic together, the experts have paired them in separate palettes. Think of it as more options for mixing and matching!

Have you used lavender and maroon in your decor? Tell us about it in the comments!

Check out more of Pantone’s color predictions for 2012 at Apartment Therapy.

Image credit: Janel Laban for Apartment Therapy.

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7 Responses to Pantone’s Color Predictions for 2012: Lavender and Maroon!

  1. Amanda Madden says:

    Love Pantone! Thanks Tara you’re fabulous! SLAM

  2. Rebecca Pope-Ruark says:

    I love Pantone’s yearly predictions. As both a fashionista and someone who teaches document design, it’s interesting to see how those predictions manifest in the next year. My husband and I just build a house, and I’ve been decorating in shades of dark purple with gray and lavender accents – nothing to overtly Sigma Kappa (not that my husband would know the difference). I didn’t even realize I was doing it until some Sigma Kappa friends saw some of the pieces and made the connection (especially the giant purple couch). The colors are in my blood, I guess!

  3. Alisa Jordan Alisa Jordan says:

    I have a lot of maroon in my bed room (curtains, sheets, etc.) but never thought to pair it with lavender or the blues suggested by Pantone. Love the idea :)

  4. Rebecca Pope-Ruark says:

    Haha. It’s a dark eggplant color not Barney purple. He (my husband not Barney) already has a manly blue couch in the bonus room, and purple was the only other color we could agree on for the living room. He says we each have a couch in our favorite colors now.

    I do like the idea of dark purple or maroon with blues too – I make jewelry and mixing garnets or amethysts with denim-colored iolites makes a really cool statement.

  5. […] We seem to be posting, sharing, and tweeting fools for LSK.  I’m surprised Tara’s blog about Pantone’s color predictions didn’t start a trend.  Not only am I excited that lavender and maroon are the new color trends […]

  6. Dana Reinertson says:

    I’ve always thought lavender and maroon look amazing together when making sorority crafts! I really like the blues and peach tones they’ve added in that color swatch as well.

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