For 17 years of my life, Autumn has clearly defined the start of the school year.

One of my favorite things about LIFE is school supplies shopping. I would always go with my mom and we’d pick out all the essentials, and sometimes I’d get a new backpack or Trapper Keeper, and we’d always go new clothes shopping around the start of school.

Even when I went to college, I made the pilgrimage to Wal-Mart to pick up $0.10 spiral notebooks and carefully label my 3-ring binders. I pawed through the racks at the mall trying to find  the perfect “First Day of School” outfit. Something that looked like I wasn’t trying too hard, but also looked put together and nice.

I would go to bed early, lay my clothes and schedule out, and fall asleep thinking about what the semester would hold.

This year, the first day of school came and went and for me, it was a normal day. I didn’t lay out my first day of school outfit, I didn’t shop for school supplies or pick up my college textbooks, and I didn’t check my schedule for where my classes were. I didn’t experience “Syllabus Day” and I didn’t see all of my friends eating lunch in the University Center. I didn’t go to the first Chapter meeting of the semester (Monday night) and I didn’t chat with my roommates about my professors or the cute guy in my Literature class.

So, there’s that.

Okay, okay, I might be acting a tad dramatic. I currently have a full-time job on my college campus. There was a shift in the air. Parking was a nightmare and students were running around a campus that had been a wasteland the week before. But I wasn’t a part of it. I sat in my office and did the things that I have done all summer. Check emails, send letters, go to meetings. Like a boring adult.

(Sidenote – getting older I feel that summer takes on a more depressing tone. While all my friends were soaking up rays at the pool I was stuck inside doing this little thing called work – and now I realize summer as a college kid is gone and I’ll never get it back.)

School and Fall have always walked hand in hand in my mind. Recruitment, Homecoming, and all of the fun things that went along with university living.  This is the first semester I really have been missing college in the worst way. Graduating and moving on is such a weird thing.

And I guess it’s all just part of the process. I’m not complaining. Right now, while everyone is studying for Midterms, I’m writing a blog entry. I love my job, I love the people that I work with, and I love the fact that I’m still on a college campus. I knew that when I went alum in the sorority that it was my time to leave. And now, I get to be around students, friends, sorority sisters while working a job that challenges me creatively.

It’s just the fact that a door has closed on my college girl days and sometimes I wish I could open it back up again.

I’m hoping with this blog series we can have a heart-to-heart, just like we did in college on late nights when we were supposed to be studying or sleeping. We can grab the cheez-its and diet coke and have a conversation about growing up. Sound good?

So, sisters, how did you deal with the first year that you weren’t in college? Are any of you going through that right now?


Mal xoxo

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14 Responses to A Conversation About Growing Up

  1. Cassie says:

    I absolutely know how you feel, but I have to put it out there that you are lucky to still be on campus as I don’t live near the campus and don’t evr even drive by it anymore. I’m always wondering what events are going on trying to fit any college event back into my work filled weeks, but sadly they don’t seem to fit in. It was very weird not going to homecoming or semi this year and still seeing everyone posting about it on Facebook. It’s crazy that things really change so dramatically, but as you said its the process of life. And that process continues to leave chapters in our life behind while starting new ones even though we continue to long for the previous chapter at times.

    UNLV, Theta Eta, Alpha Kappa.
    One heart one way.

    • Malory says:

      It’s weird to see all the Homecoming events but no be a part of them (or in my case be a part of completely different Homecoming events)! News seasons of our lives are so interesting and although I’m thankful for them they are hard to deal with sometimes :)

  2. Kate Fodera says:

    Yes – I completely understand how you feel! After graduation, I moved out of state but luckily, I was still connected to my chapter through our penpal program. I was matched up with a younger girl so I could kind of live vicariously through her and “experience” formal, recruitment, etc. :)

    Even though I’m alum and I don’t need to do things like go to weekly meetings,I’m still lucky enough to have the same wonderful bonds with my sisters/pledge class that I did years ago. We still talk/see each other daily and a few of us even had a monthly CD swap going. We get older but I don’t think we ever grow out of the sisterhood :)

  3. Donna Hamill says:

    I completely get it. I got lucky that all my closest SK sisters stayed in DC with me after we graduated (GWU – zeta chapter). We all lived fairly close to campus so we participated in Pref Night of recruitment and even went to Reveal so I got to meet my great-great-grandlittle (yikes).

    A few weeks ago I moved to Texas. I don’t know anyone here but the job has been great and even more than ever I’m realizing just what amazing ladies I met and became sisters with in college. I miss college, I miss sorority life – but without having left it, I don’t know that I’d appreciate it as much as I do now =)

  4. Anne Boodheshwar Anne Boodheshwar says:

    I’ve been out of school for awhile (grin), but remember driving home from work in the first years and passing through the college campus we lived near…watching the students hang out on their porches and wishing I was back there. However it all comes full circle…The excitement about first outfits, perfect folders, backpacks and shoes that make a statement is all back, just this time its for my two girls. And now as sisters we share those moments together as our kids take those first steps.

  5. Ashley Nance Ashley Nance says:

    Like Anne, I’ve been out of college a long time, and will be sending my oldest to college in a year and a half, yikes. There are days I still miss it, but now I can’t wait to pass on the excitement of college days to my children. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Madisen Ray says:

    I just graduated from Ball State University (Gamma Eta) in May, and it kills me not to be in school. I don’t live too far away from BSU so I can go to events every once in a while, and I still get to see sisters about once a month, but man do I miss that college environment! I have a job now, but it’s not using my degree or in the field I want to be in, so the temptation to jump into grad school grows every day. I’m still weighing the pros and cons, but if I find a good program at a school with a Sigma Kappa chapter, I’ll probably be sold!

  7. Olivia Leeds says:

    Although I haven’t yet graduated (yes, I still get to go shopping, lay out my first day of school outfit, and look over my schedule :D) I am still struggling with no longer being a collegiate member. I have found that although we all handle these situations differently, I have been through many different stages. I was excited at first to be able to have the free time on Monday nights, until I realized I had no one to spend my Monday nights with. Among many other emotions I had to sort out, I finally settled on excitement(again). I’m excited for my future as an alumnae. I’m excited about this blog! I’m excited about joining an alumnae chapter. Above all I’m excited about still being on campus and being able to portray how I live our values in my every day life.

    Do you have any suggestions how to get involved with my chapter without being an adviser? I love the idea of the pen-pal! Also, I want to be more involved as an alumnae, but since I haven’t graduated I am unsure how to get the ball rolling!

    Dove Love <3

  8. Dana Reinertson says:

    I’m going through that right now! It’s definitely hard seeing everyone head back to school, back to the sorority, and back to all the fun that is college and knowing that period of your life has ended. But it is pretty exciting being out in the “real world”, and figuring out what is next in your life!

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