I’m a little biased, of course, but I’m totally digging on Live Sigma Kappa!

I love that my Facebook newsfeed is filled with sisters sharing LSK posts.  We seem to be posting, sharing, and tweeting fools for LSK.  I’m surprised Tara’s blog about Pantone’s color predictions didn’t start a trend.  Not only am I excited that lavender and maroon are the new color trends for 2012, I’m now on a quest to find Rebecca’s giant purple couch!  Throw in some wild purple violet accent pillows and we could definitely start a posting frenzy.

The best part about this new blog for alumnae is the ability to post comments and take part in a conversation.  After reading the comments from Anne’s spooky reading suggestions, I now have doubled my “must read” list.  I also have been inspired to plan my family meals in advance after reading Michelle’s post and the comments about healthy holiday meals.  I’m connecting with sisters and learning from them each day.

It’s inspiring to think that on Superbowl Sunday, hundreds of sisters could be serving beer margaritas and cookie truffles thanks to Chelsea (and I fully support her claim that spinach dip deserves a healthy tag!)

Have you met your LSK sisters?  Have you joined in the conversations?

Despite the miles that separate us, I can picture myself sitting across the table from my blogging sisters sharing warm mugs of pumpkin spice lattes.   I’m listening intently as they share their stories.  I’m living vicariously through their travel and cooking blogs and I can’t wait to buy the next book recommendation.   It takes me back to my chapter room on the Monday after Thanksgiving break where we would gather to catch up and refocus for the upcoming week.  LSK has been a place for me to listen, learn, and share.

Have you connected?

National council had the privilege of celebrating Founders’ Day with the Houston and North Harris County alumnae chapters.  It was a wonderful luncheon and ceremony to honor our founders and local alumnae.  It didn’t take long for us to find lots to talk about, because we are sisters and we love to share our stories.  I went all the way to Houston to meet a sister that grew up two hours away from me and attended the “other” state school.  Donna McGehee, Delta Beta, received her 50 year pin during the ceremony and I was able to hear her Sigma Kappa story.  That’s what sisters do, we listen and we share.  I hope LSK becomes your place to listen and to share.

What is your Sigma Kappa story?

How do you Live Sigma Kappa?



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4 Responses to Coffee anyone?

  1. Rebecca Pope-Ruark says:

    Hi Amy! In case you or anyone else *really* wants the purple couch, I just got it at JCPenney (unposh and fabulously comfortable), the Possibilities collection :)

  2. Amy Denson Amy Denson says:

    Rebecca, you said two of my favorite words: fabulous and comfortable. I’m buying that couch! :)

  3. Michelle Fleer says:

    Amy, I’ve seen the couch in person and it *is* totally fabulous!

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