FallLooking for ways to preserve your energy and feel better this Fall?  Try these four tips to keep you energized and healthy this season.

1.  Drink More Water

Now that summer has passed, sweat will not remind you to hydrate. About 70% of the body is composed of water, and we lose it throughout the day. What you do not replenish, results in a loss in functioning of your body. Try incorporating water into your routine as much as possible. Start by replacing 1-2 beverages a day with water. If you do not like the taste of pure water, try adding a citrus wedge for added Vitamin C and great natural flavor. If it is cold outside or you rely on a warm drink in the morning to get you going, try heating it up! Water can be just as satisfying when adding some lemon and a drop of honey.

2.  Take A Break

Set aside 15 minutes a day to rejuvenate yourself through a simple mindful meditation. Whether on a break at work or in your personal life, spending a few minutes with yourself each day can indulge the ego and induce mental balance. Find time to stretch your body, block out the world, and just breathe. Steady breathing can help regulate our blood flow and increase our oxygen consumption for a calming effect.  Pure silence allows you to connect to your breath, and focus on a steady pace of breathing.  BeachAdding a stretch will reduce the amount of tension that you store in your muscles as a result of various life stressors. Alternatively, imagining a relaxing scene while breathing steadily can also refocus your mind to allow for tension to naturally release if stretching is not a practical option. Use this time to help you focus your mind on what makes you feel the most balanced and fulfilled.  Adjust the time you spend to meet your needs.

3.  Choose Wisely

Grabbing a meal on the go can be unavoidable with a busy schedule. Control what you can when you can related to food. Making better choices up front will save calories, and help to avoid an energy loss after the meal. Dinner out? Always ask for a grilled eApplesntree and a steamed side when ordering out.  This option allows for a lighter feeling at meal’s end. Fast food lunch? Go for the kids meal or a value option to save calories and avoid overeating. No time for breakfast? Pack a snack! Seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, and citrus provide a natural burst of energy. These fruits are easily thrown in your bag on your way out of the door, and will keep you satisfied and focused throughout the day. Check out a list of seasonal favorites at www.fruitseasons.com

4.  Move More

Whether you park farther away from the store front or add an additional 10 minutes to your scheduled workout, moving your body is key to feeling great this Fall.  As the holidays approach, a workout routine is not always practical and going outside may not be an option for all of us.  What can you do to add something extra?  Look for ways to take some extra steps when you can.  Take the stairs, walk down the hall to speak to a co-worker, or find an alternate entrance.  A few minutes extra here and there can add up quickly, and provide you with a daily dose of purposeful movement to keep you refreshed and energized.  Walk with a sense of purpose.  Increase your pace and focus your movement so that you get the most out of every step.  Walking will never feel the same.

If you can use all four or just one, you are certainly on the right path to a healthier start of the holiday season and end to the year.  Share your tips and tricks to a healthier and more energized Fall season in our comments section and don’t forget to live on purpose and Live Sigma Kappa.

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2 Responses to Fit For Fall

  1. Alisa Jordan Alisa Jordan says:

    Great advice. Really simple things, but I know I often forget them once life gets a bit hectic. I was lucky to be able to go to a restorative yoga class after my family left for Thanksgiving and it made all the difference!

    • Courtney Hannah Courtney Hannah says:

      Yoga is my saving grace some weeks. That is my favorite part of the day and something I wish I had even more time for.

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