Are you at a loss on what to get the fitness fanatic in your life? Or perhaps your New Year’s goal is to be healthier, starting with a more active lifestyle. Here are some top suggestions to help you check off those last gifts on your list or add a few more to your own list.

  1. Athleta Equator Tank GAP-owned Athleta has a great line of fitness gear. This tank is both stylish and functional.
  2. Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor watch – I have this (in lilac, of course) and use it to track my heart rate, calories burned and total workout time. Into trail running? Go for the GPS-enable Forerunner 405.
  3. Lulelemon fitness wear. Pricey but worth it. Try the Groove Pant, the Scoop Neck Tank, the Power Y tank (for yoga) or the Stay on Course jacket (for running).
  4.  Yogamat Jaipur Yoga pant. Comfortable, flattering, eco-friendly and worth every penny.
  5.  Yoga mat – this one is eco-friendly.
  6.  Sweaty Betty Entry Workout Bag or Under Armour Endure Gym Tote
  7.  iPod Shuffle mp3 player – the Shuffle is great for workouts because it has a clip that can attach to your activewear.
  8.  Zumba for Wii – Nervous to try Zumba at your gym? Try it at home on the Wii to get a great workout and feel comfortable with the moves before taking your first class in public.
  9.  Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail headband – finally, a headband with a hole for ponytails.
  10.  Camelbak Better Water Bottle. BPA-free, environmentally friendly and comes with a carrying hook. Check your local sporting goods chain or Target.
  11.  Stability ball – Stability balls don’t take up a lot of space and can give you a great abdominal and/or core workout. However, size does matter so check for proper dimension for the person who will be using it before buying one. These are also available at your local sporting goods chain.
  12. Foam roller – to help work out muscle knots. These can also be found at your local sporting goods chain.
  13. Moisture wicking sock instead of cotton, which absorbs moistures and helps feet stay dry and prevent blisters.
  14. Magazine subscription – get motivated with a magazine subscription to Women’s Health, Shape, Fitness or Clean Eating.
Always keep your receipt in case you or the gift receiver needs to return an item. The one thing I don’t suggest giving or asking for as a gift? Running/gym shoes. Each person’s foot is different and the brand, size and width that works for one person doesn’t always work for another. If you are starting a new fitness routine, I highly recommend going to a specialized shoe store that will custom fit you to a shoe based on your foot measurements and gait. Already have a training shoes? Take note that shoes wear down fairly quickly and generally need to be replaced every six months to one year.
Hopefully, these suggestions will help you finalize that list or start your year out right. Happy shopping!
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6 Responses to Top Fitness Items

  1. Alisa Jordan Alisa Jordan says:

    My Mom got Zumba for the Wii for Christmas and I did a session with her to make sure she knew how to use it. We both loved it and hopefully it will inspire her to get to a class soon. It was also motivating for me to find a new Zumba class since my move. Great suggestions!

  2. Courtney Hannah Courtney Hannah says:

    Michelle, you know how I love Zumba – great fitness find for the home!

  3. I got the Garmin watch for Christmas and I LOVE it! It even looks good when I’m not working out. Highly recommend.

  4. Michelle Fleer Michelle Fleer says:

    Isn’t it great? I love mine, too. However, a side effect of having it capable of setting up interval training is that my run club members rely on me to time our runs.

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