The New Year is under way and if you are like most of us you have made many resolutions…the question is how many of them will you keep this year?  Are you setting realistic goals or the typical “lose weight/be healthy”  one we all say but then by February have forgotten. While this is a good goal and one we  should all aim for…why not set yourself a goal to stimulate your brain or just set aside some time for yourself?

Might I suggest this year you choose one of the following goals…

  1. Set a number of books you would like to read for the year.  Grab a notebook and write down what you read (and your thoughts about it)…keeping track throughout the year.  You may surprise yourself!
  2. Pick a new genre or author each month to try.  If you always read romances, try a mystery or something from the Young Adult section (they have become really good in the last few years)
  3. Select a few “classics” to read throughout the year.  While sometimes it takes dedication to read and understand some of these, I do recommend challenging yourself to a non-easy read every once in a while  (I know some of you are nodding your head right now…for the others who re-read these types of books yearly…you inspire me!)

I will admit, I do all of the above!  Keeping track of what I read is a habit I got into several years ago when someone mentioned a goal of reading 50 books that year.  I wondered how many I would read (having never thought about it) and have enjoyed over the years seeing which months I appear to have more time for reading than others.  Its also a great way to make suggestions to your friends who are looking for a great read.

Picking a new author or genre is always a good way to branch out.  This is where I would either ask your friends for suggestions, read what is recommended here (grin) or judge a book by its cover…yup that’s right…checking out a book by a catchy title or interesting cover can often lead to a great find.

Finally, I suggest challenging yourself to a classic.  I don’t know about you, but there are many books out there that people rave about that I have never read.  Any book that someone says is good enough to read more than once, piques my curiosity.

Over the years, I find that challenging myself to a new book can be hard work, but often very rewarding.  There have been some really great finds and others that I will not be reading again!  In the end, though, curiosity always wins and my need for something new and exciting gets me to pick up another interesting looking book and diving in!

My personal challenge for this month is Wuthering Heights…

What book/s will you be challenging yourself to this year?



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8 Responses to A New Year, A New Challenge

  1. Jeanne says:

    Nonfiction is not usually something I pick up so I will be challenging myself to read more in that category!

    I have been using Goodreads to track what I read. You can enter in the number of books you would like to challenge yourself to read this year and it tracks your progress.

  2. Anne Boodheshwar Anne Boodheshwar says:

    Thats a great one…I know I don’t read enough of those either. Let me know if you find a good one!

    I have played around with Goodreads…mostly to see what other people are reading. I keep a list on Facebook of my books.

  3. Rebecca Pope-Ruark says:

    Like Jeanne, I’m also going to read more non-fiction. I’ve always gravitated away from it because it often felt like homework (I have degrees in English and Rhetoric) so it’s hard to separate leisure and work sometimes. I’m going to read non-fiction about things I like. I just finished *Swerve* by Steve Greenblatt and plan to read biographies of Cleopatra and Cicero.

  4. Courtney Hannah Courtney Hannah says:

    I always ask for biographies for gifts, but purchase some fiction for myself. I am going to write down a mixture of the two so I don’t get so bored. Great tips!

  5. Anne Boodheshwar says:

    Any good bio’s you could recommend? love a good one!

  6. Michelle Fleer says:

    Great tips. I personally read more non-fiction than fiction, so I will challenge myself to more fiction titles. Anne – I recommend Ted Kennedy’s bio – fascinating. I also just read The Devil in Pew Number Seven and couldn’t put it down.

  7. These are great ideas Anne! I love Goodreads for new ideas because I’m always seeing what my friends are reading or on their ‘to read’ list.

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