For many of us, the beginning of a new year signifies a clean slate, and an opportunity to accomplish a new set of goals. And we all know that Sigma Kappas love reaching new heights.

Many people would think of their home as their “first place”.  The part of our life we are most committed to and spend a majority of time and focus on. Work, for many of us, is our “second place”. The reward of a salary, fulfillment of raising children, or some time away from the stress that inherently lie at home.

What would you suppose is your “third place”? The place where you spend a majority of your free time. If you do not have one, what would you like it to be?

Many of us will resolve to improve our image in one way or the other this year, and what better way than starting with our health and lifestyle? In the spirit of resolutions, I am going to identify some important things to look for in a fitness center.

1. Affordable: Can you afford the gym? Membership on average can range from $10-$60 per month depending on what the facility offers. Do your research before signing on that dotted line. Know what you are paying for.  Pay careful attention to the hours of operation, miscellaneous fees, and membership benefits.

2. Amenities: Do you need child care? Many facilities now offer free child care while you work out. How important to you are the aqua center, track, racquetball court, etc? If you like variety, you will want to look for a center that offers some of everything in one facility.  Think of it as a fitness supercenter, a one stop shop for health.

3. Location: How far are you willing to drive to get sweaty? An inconvenient location can impact your motivation to work out and also influence the frequency in which you do so.  Look for the best value closest to your home.  It would be a shame to spend $45 a month on a membership that you don’t use because it is hard to get to in rush hour traffic.

4. Social Hour: Two words, Group Fitness.  The connections that you can make socially in group fitness classes at the gym will no doubt play a large part in your likeliness to go back week after week.  Find a center with a Zumba class and grab a sister to go with you.  Guaranteed fun and an awesome workout! Choosing a center that has a large amount of group fitness classes will help to offer you some variety in your work out to minimize the repetitive nature that some find with stationary machines.

5. Customer Service: Would you appreciate some health education while you work out, or would you prefer to be left alone?  Some facilities offer personal training, nutritionists, and coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals. They can teach you how to safely work out and monitor your intake to help you change your lifestyle not just your body.


Whatever your fitness center preference, make sure that you can have a positive and fulfilling experience each time you go. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your “third place”.

Live on Purpose and Live Sigma Kappa.



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4 Responses to Finding Your Third Place

  1. Anne Boodheshwar says:

    If I picked a third place it would be a yoga studio…I really miss my old one where we used to live!

  2. Kate Fodera says:

    I agree with Anne :)
    A few friends of mine introduced me to Hot Yoga a few months ago and I loved it! This year, I’m definitely resolving to get out there more :)

  3. Michelle Fleer says:

    All of these are essential when finding a home gym. I know when I researched a new gym, I definitely considered all these options. Once I found a gym that met my criteria, I have continued to work out consistently and in the process, have met some great friends, which has been an unexpected benefit.

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