I’m a sucker for many MANY things (including but not limited to): spontaneous travel plans, black coffee, big hair, and fresh starts.

This blog post unfortunately won’t cover travel plans, black coffee, or big hair; however, I am going to concentrate on embracing the idea of a brand spanking new start. There is just something about the idea of starting fresh that excites me and gets me in that “I can do anything and look darn good doing it!” mentality.

The beginning of a new year is the PERFECT time for a new beginning in your life…
(Cliche’ alert) Out with the old and in with the new!

For example: day in and day out, I tend to follow the same routine. Hit the snooze button approximately 7 times, roll out of bed, trudge to the coffee machine in a zombie like-fashion, then carry my laptop over to my home office (a.k.a., couch), and get to work.

Now, this is fine for my every day life. I know what to do to turn myself into a functioning member of society and get my work done for the day but what about when it comes to bettering myself and my future?

That’s precisely when the idea of a new year and new beginnings comes front and center.

Following a routine and doing what you’ve always done doesn’t get you where you want to go… it holds you back and keeps you stuck in the place you already are.

You simply can’t use the same, old, tattered steps to get to brand spanking new results.

This year, I’m striving to be a better person than I was before and the very first step in doing this is to get rid of all of the silly baggage from 2011 that I’ve been carrying around with me. I have a feeling most of us could use a baggage cleanup… We’re far too amazing to drag ourselves down with rude words that may have told us that we couldn’t achieve our dreams or reach our goals. That these very ideas are too big and too unattainable. That we should concentrate on something else… Something that makes more money, something that is reliable and stable, something that “just makes sense.”

Find out what would make you happy and decide to attempt it (Disregard this last sentence if getting a harmonica-playing unicorn, standing on a sailboat tattooed onto your bicep would make you happy. Don’t do that. I’m telling you now, you’ll regret it.)

Start fresh. If you have a goal or dream in mind then know that you have a passion inside of you that most people don’t even bother exploring. It’s a shame but there are people who have these dreams and aspirations but give up. There are even some people who don’t bother to dream big. Nobody wants to be average but unfortunately, too many settle for it. They let the “you can’t do it” get to them. Please darling, don’t let yourself fall into that trap.

Now… Do it. Yup, take a hint from Nike and just go and do it. You’ve rid yourself of the negativity, you’ve revisited your desire to make a change/to follow a dream/to make a difference/whatever, now act. If you want to lose weight, don’t rely on one alarm to get you up on the morning if it hasn’t in the past. If you want to start painting, then go out and get the supplies.

Remember? If you’re going to do what you’ve already done, you’re going to get the same old results. Set five alarms to wake up in the morning, go out right now and get those paint supplies, just take that step.

Push yourself and see what you’re capable of. It’s easy to play it safe (cough cough booooringgg cough cough) but nothing new, different, or Earth-shattering happens when you do.

Make this month the start of something wonderful.
The only person who can hold you back is yourself :)

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2 Responses to New You’s and Unicorn Tattoos

  1. Anne says:

    Love the blog…all true statements…now to carve the time to finish that painting I started and firm up my tummy! Lol

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