Do you have a stack of kids’ artwork that you don’t have the heart to throw away, but yet don’t know what to do with it? Me, too. Refrigerators only have so much surface area. I have an ever growing stack next to my scanner. I’m great at scanning it in (well, ok, maybe closer to good than great), but then what? Just the circular file? There must be something else.

There is. i knew my obsession for pinterest would pay off at some point. Do you like jewelry? Try this…

doodle tags (click for link to

are you crafty…

wow! (click for link to www.jengrantmorris.blogspot.comt


this company will turn their drawings into stuffed dolls…

this is soooo cool (click for link to


this lady on will embroider your child’s drawing onto a t-shirt

click for link to her etsy shop

I am so excited to try some of these. I’ve made my children books before of their artwork, but these ideas are a little more creative. Not sure which one I will try first. Probably should start with scanning the new drawings into the computer. If you are interested in more ideas, check out my pins at pinterest.

5 Responses to preserving children’s artwork

  1. Alisa Jordan Alisa Jordan says:

    What great ideas for sharing kids’ artwork. I don’t have any of my own, but I’ve worked with kids for years and have a pretty good collection of art work myself. At a school I worked at, one class made a calendar of the kids’ work and it was a great fundraiser for classroom activities.

  2. Christine Navin Christine Navin says:

    I’m thinking about trying a pillowcase instead of a whole duvet cover.I’m thinking about starting with my sons space drawings. I’m prettty sure he’d love it. and maybe a doll for my daughter from her drawings.

  3. Ashley Nance says:

    What great ideas!!! With tubs full of artwork from my kiddos I can have some original ways to celebrate my children’s masterpieces. Pinterest is great for different ideas. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  4. Penney Blakely Penney Blakely says:

    I love these ideas! Owen (the 4 year old) is just coming out with some really cool drawings that are no longer complete scribbles and I’d really hate to throw them away… I’m bookmarking this page for a few years from now when the pile has gotten huge and I possibly have 5 minutes of free time… (that happens, right??)

  5. christine says:

    i am thinking of converting my childrens drawings into stuffed animals/dolls ideas for the easter bunny. isn’t that adorable- it’s magical!my daughter will i just have to pick a drawing…

    and yes, penney, you will get a whole 5 minutes, but it’s a very fast 5 minutes. and i think a first scribble pendant would be adorable.

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