Growing up in Chicago we have both ends of the ‘luck’ spectrum. On one side there are the Cubs, fondly known as the “Loveable Losers.” Unlucky does not even begin to describe a team that has not won a world series since 1907 ( yes 105 very long and painful years). On the other side we have the “Luck of the Irish” as  Chicago does not merely observe the day of luck, we embrace St. Patrick’s Day by dying the Chicago river green and having two parades. We have the traditional parade and then a more social, neighborhood bar-like South Side Irish Parade–not bad for a city with actually very few Irish people. So what has the windy city taught me about luck? That it can change more than Chicago weather can in one day!

Feeling Lucky?

In the wise words of “Phineas and Ferb” Yes, why yes I am. Growing up we always talked about luck. It was finding the toy at the bottom of the cereal box,  getting a snow day from school or unwrapping the MUST HAVE toy of the Christmas season. I have been blessed with a great job, two great parents, fabulous family, and the best set of friends a girl could ask for. Not just any old friends, but friends that have known me since kindergarten and those that know me better than I know me!! Through all these relationships there are ups and down and quite often someone says   “well isn’t s/he lucky?” or the flip side “ohhh poor dear had a string of bad luck.” Is this pure luck, good timing or hard work? Maybe a little bit of both!

Luck be a lady tonight…. Thanks Frank Sinatra!

Looking back on recruitment slogans and tee-shirts one quote stood out.  “Chance made us Sisters, choice made us friends.” Is it luck, chance or a little bit of both?  And where is this Lady Luck Frank is talking about? Personally, my lady is a Sigma Kappa. Not one specific Sigma Kappa but hundreds of them everywhere. Honestly aren’t we all lucky we chose Sigma Kappa and chose to be in a sorority.

Collegians and alumnae- They are the Lucky Ladies!!!

Pledging Sigma Kappa in 1995 was luck. I suicided during rush, yes a no-no, but I knew where I wanted to go and luck was on my side the night I opened my bid card and saw Sigma Kappa. Over the past 17 years of sisterhood, I could list thousands of ways I have been lucky enough to wear maroon and lavender. Sisters who have been there through your best days and your worst. They are the ones at your wedding smiling because they know you are happy, or visiting you after you have had a baby. They are the same women who you call at 3 am trying to decide on a job offer, or giving you a shoulder to cry during your most vulnerable moments.  These are the women you see at meetings, Convention and COTS that even though one or more years have flown by those years are erased in seconds over Starbucks Coffee.

But I also feel lucky to share sorority life with my family. Two of my cousins pledged different sororities and while we don’t share a ritual or a badge I feel so lucky to talk about sorority life with them as they are now my Panhellenic sisters. I see their joy, love,  and excitement about being a collegiate and they fire questions back about the alumnae world.  This pushes me to stay involved, to be active with collegians or remain active as an alumnae member. I see the future of Greek Life in their smiling faces and I realize that this–being a sorority woman- is special and we are so very lucky.



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  1. Teri Centner says:

    I feel lucky to have found Sigma Kappa also! I pledged as a senior. We had only two other sororities on campus and Sigma Kappa was colonizing. I liked the idea of being part of a pledge class that spanned from Freshmen to Seniors. And I definitely made the right decision!

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