I have to admit to a case of blogger’s brain when I discovered the month’s theme was “luck.” How could I relate luck to health and fitness? As I thought about it more, I realized a healthy lifestyle isn’t luck; it is a choice. This idea was further cemented when I saw a moderately overweight man at the gym that was noticeably uncomfortable walking. But he was there, having made the choice to leave home and go work out. I cheered him on silently in my head when I saw him get on the elliptical machine. I ran a solid 35 minutes that day, and he was still going when I was done. A fellow Sigma Kappa sister will tweet from the gym, often late at night, and sometimes complaining, but she made the choice to be there rather than not get her workout done.

I really enjoy putting healthy meals on the table for my family. I like to think that’s just another way to express my love for them. Healthy meals are just as quick to make as unhealthy ones. To be healthy, you have to choose fresh fruits and vegetables, cut out unnecessary fats and swap out unhealthy snacks. On your next grocery store trip, really think about the foods you buy. Is there a healthier option? Choose it! I’ve referred several friends to Skinny Taste. Every recipe I’ve made has been delicious. For those on Weight Watchers, she includes the nutritional value and points values.

Take advantage of beautiful weather by taking a walk or bike ride. Get your family involved for some quality family time. Perhaps challenge yourself by starting a running program with the widely available running apps. Make a choice to get moving!

You might be lucky to have the genes where weight isn’t a problem; if so, that’s fabulous. But are you healthy? Make the choice today to start living a healthier, fitter life. You’ll be glad you did!

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4 Responses to Make Your Own Luck

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Michelle, I tweeted to @SigmaKappa and asked this question, will leave the comment for you as well. Do you think you could incorporate some truly healthy recipes into the posts here? Food made from real food – not using boxed cake mixes and things? I think there are lots of us Sigma Kappas who would really benefit from some healthy smart ideas! Thanks, and thanks for writing you do on here.

    • Michelle Fleer Michelle Fleer says:

      Hi Donna, thanks for your suggestion. Keep a look out here for future healthy recipes, as I will be incorporating them into my posts!

  2. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    A co-worker of mine asked the other day how a busy mother is supposed to find time to stay fit. You and another wise Sigma Kappa sister both gave me quick answers: it is a choice; you have to make it a priority, or it just won’t happen. Thanks for reminding us of what we probably already knew, but just weren’t willing to admit to ourselves.

    • Michelle Fleer Michelle Fleer says:

      Teri, you’re right, we all have busy lives and sure, it’s hard to fit it all in. I’m just as guilty about letting a gym day or run slide at times, in favor of other things. I know some friends who actually write their exercise time into their planner. What I also hope to get across is that you can also incorporate a healthy routine with your family, so that precious free time is not spent away from them. :)

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