I spent most (blatant lie… probably 2.1% or less) of my childhood looking for four-leaf clovers.

I distinctly remember (once) searching all around my grandparents’ backyard for these little good luck symbols. Because I wanted to make absolutely certain that good things were headed my way, I would scour the entire yard. Well, okay… most of the yard. I wanted to avoid the area near the fence because the neighbor’s dog would yap and bark at me. As a small child, I liked to play it safe.

I looked and looked (for approximately 5 minutes) for these gosh darn clovers, but I never actually found one. I know that for a fact because I remember thinking I could tape another leaf onto a three-leaf clover and no one would know.

It’s hard to say WHY exactly I wanted a four-leaf clover, especially given the fact that this memory was from when I was a small child, but I KNOW that I wanted one. Truthfully, why WOULDN’T someone want a well-known thing that symbolizes good luck, happiness, and at this age… most likely new Barbies. Things weren’t bad… I just wanted proof that my future would hold bright, shiny, happy, new things.

The point of this seemingly pointless story is to say that even though I never found one of those clovers, it didn’t mean that the year ahead of me (approximately year 8 of my existence) wasn’t great and Barbie-filled. It meant that I just didn’t have a good luck charm to blame my good fortune on.

It’s easy to rely on our own personal four-leaf clovers, lucky underwear, rabbit’s foot or certain penny for our good fortune.


Why can’t we take responsibility for the good things that come by and smack us in the face (preferably figuratively, not literally)? I’m going to venture out on this imaginary ledge and say that a lot of us work hard for the relationships we cherish, the money we make, and the love we receive. There is a cliche that  “nothing worth having ever comes easy.” And it’s true.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’ve worked hard to be where you’re at.

Realize that you’re an amazing person with an amazing opportunity to attract good fortune – donning your lucky pair of underwear or not. With a bit of perseverance, a dash of dedication and a whole lot of hard work… I truly believe that your future can hold bright, shiny, happy, new things.

Create the future you want, and don’t wait for this four-leaf clover to give you permission to have a wonderful day/week/month/year/decade.

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4 Responses to Stop Searching

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    So true! We need to remember that WE make our own good fortune.

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