I am super-duper sure I am not the only child who lived through the seventies with some form of cinder block home decor element. I distinctly remember that we had bookcases constructed from cinder bricks that were painted gold. Yes, metallic gold spray paint. Looking back, I really should ask my parents whose suave idea that was. My gut is telling me it was my dad. So when I noticed planters made from cinder blocks were trendy, I was a bit cautious, to say the least. Then I began checking out Pinterest and other gardening sites. Okay, some of the planters I found were a tad hokey, but several are down right genius.

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So, how exactly does one go about constructing these planters?

The cinder blocks are easily purchased at a local home improvement big box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Succulents, small ornamental grasses, and mosses appear to do the best. In order to protect what’s underneath the cinder block and retain the potting soil, I would suggest either lining them with heavy perforated plastic and/or rabbit wire (black tarp sheeting you can buy to keep the weeds out would work, as well).

Another lower maintenance option is to use the cinder blocks in partly shady areas. If you aren’t prepared to water them everyday, the plants may bake to death in full sun. Some moisture retaining potting soil, such as Miracle-Gro, might help, also.

If you would like to eliminate the extra step and expense of lining the blocks for retaining the soil, just leave your plants in decorative pots instead of planting directly into the concrete blocks.

I think I’ve narrowed down where to place my new cinder block planters. Have you?

I would, however, highly suggest bypassing the metallic gold spray paint. Just my completely, utterly, unbiased opinion…

specific instructions and photos seen above can be found via

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4 Responses to Cinder Block Planters

  1. Rachel says:

    Great idea! Now if I could just keep alive the plants I would put them! :-)

  2. Plant Stands says:

    I didn’t realize concrete blocks could look so cool. I love the way they look when cross-stacked. Very fun

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