As it changes from spring to summer, I can’t help but wonder where the year has already gone. I think back to a night in January when I was having dinner with some friends and we were discussing New Year’s resolutions. It was halfway through January, and we had already changed, or even stopped working on, our resolutions. It’s hard to make lofty expectations for a year ahead because life is never that simple. But I feel it’s important to compile a list of goals to work towards throughout the year. Then, throughout the year, I try to embrace the changes and obstacles thrown my way and adjust my goals accordingly.

At the beginning of the year, I set some goals that were both health/fitness related and some personal goals. I wanted to read more books, travel to see friends, and train for a marathon, to name a few. With June almost behind us, I can look back on my various goals and cross some off the list while others still linger, and that’s ok. The top goal on that list, and the biggest one I want to accomplish this year, is train for and complete the Monumental Marathon in November. I’m anxious to start training at the end of June and begin what will certainly be a challenging and exhilarating journey.

As always, the past six months have presented their twists and turns. Work consumed more of my time than expected, and I had to learn how to balance everything in my life. I believe balancing life is a constant challenge, and it’s important to take a step back sometimes and realign the amount of time spent on various activities. I recently had a conversation with my parents about balancing my life. It was not an easy conversation because I had to realize there are only 24 hours in a day and some things have to take priority. Like most people, my job takes up most of my day. But how we fill the rest of our days is up to us. Do we spend it at the gym? Taking care of children? Running errands or simply watching some TV? How do you balance everything in your life? Do some things need readjusting? Thankfully, with summer here I have some extra time which is a great gift I am very thankful for.

One of my favorite experiences so far in 2012 was my decision to help inspire others with their fitness. Back in April, I took a leap of faith and drove to Cincinnati to become a certified spinning instructor and was hired by the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. As a full time special education teacher and lover of all things fitness, I am so happy to have the opportunity to intertwine the two and teach cycle classes. It gives me the chance to inspire others and share my love of the feeling when you hit your max heart rate! And because Sigma Kappa is never far behind, I soon learned that a fellow cycle instructor is also a Sigma Kappa who works at the Sigma Kappa Foundation. I wonder how many Sigma Kappa women we can get to come to our classes?! Becoming a fitness instructor was not a long-term goal or even something on my radar back in January, but I knew without hesitation it was meant to be something in my life.

What has 2012 inspired you to do? Are you able to check some things off your list of goals from January? Did you start working on a goal and had to change it? It’s not too late to think of some new goals. Who says you can only make resolutions or goals in January? Write ‘em down, share them with friends, and hold yourself accountable!

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  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    I’m training for a marathon too! Mine is a month after yours in Honolulu. It will be fun to follow along with your blog…

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