There are whispers of fall in the air. School registration; high school and college football; hearing the band practicing from my front yard; having teenagers file in and out of my house again; and filling out Sigma Kappa formal recruitment introductions for incoming freshmen. I love fall, but I wish I could suspend time right now.  The fam has had a great summer, but this upcoming year is bittersweet. It is my last year to have all four kiddos under one roof. I am the mother of a senior. (When did I get old enough to have a senior? I thought I was still 18. Well maybe not 18, but at the most 25.)

Rebel Football... #59 is mine.

I had a mountain of paperwork to fill out for school registration. I felt like I was refinancing my home. You’ll be glad to know it all has been completed and turned in. All the fees, for all four children, to three different schools, have been paid. Three of the four children know schedules and teachers, have lockers, and all supplies have been purchased. Whew! Getting everyone ready for school is a daunting process, and when you have a senior, there are several added aspects that need to be taken care of before the year even begins. When we received Hopson’s card for his senior portraits I sat down and cried. I wasn’t ready. I can’t think of one senior parent who is ready. Go ask your parents if they were ready for your senior year. But like my parents, I’m so excited for all of these children. The possibilities of what can be are endless. (I’m hoping that next year quite a few of the girls will be new members in Sigma Kappa!!!)

I love the wonders of fall. It usually passes in a blur, but I want to remember and pass on to my children and their friends that every day is a gift. Every day has something special to give you. I heard an upcoming senior mention that she was going to take her camera to school every day to document her senior year. I LOVE that idea. I guess I’m going to ratchet up my stalking abilities to help remember every day of the wonder of fall.


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  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    Hang in there! You can do it!

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