The slow pace of summer has come to a screeching halt with the beginning of another school year. As a teacher, I have already settled back into the routine of an alarm clock and an early bed time while still trying to figure out how I am going to fit everything into 24 hours. I thrive on routine and schedules, probably why I am a teacher. During the school week, I have to put everything onto a calendar, even how and when I’m going to work out. Sunday evenings are designated to packing my lunch and scheduling workouts. It helps me hold myself accountable because I made time for that so I know I need to follow through. I also like to make workout plans in advance with friends. I might ask a girlfriend to go to a yoga class with me or tell a co-worker about my long run. That also helps me to follow through with my intended workout schedule. But finding time for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner is just as important.

Back to school also means back-to-school lunch. I don’t have a full lunch hour as a teacher (sometimes, I don’t even get 20 minutes to myself), so I pack items I can access easily and eat on the go. I keep veggies and hummus in my mini fridge, a bag of organic apples near my desk, and individually packed protein powder that can be easily mixed in water or almond milk. My schedule at school allows me to snack more throughout the day instead of taking 30 minutes for lunch, which I actually prefer. I might feel hungry around 10 so I snack on an apple. Then maybe around 1 I might eat a serving of almonds. When the kids are on the bus at 3, I sometimes mix up a protein shake while I set up my classroom for the next day. But most importantly through the day, I drink a LOT of water. My instructional assistants often make fun of me for how often I say, “I’m going to go fill up my water bottle, be right back!” Being fully hydrated gives me the most energy. I always aim for about 100 ounces in a day. But I’m sure I easily drink 100 ounces at school alone. I keep Crystal Light packets in my desk and also a bottle of lemon concentrate to keep me from getting bored.

“Coffee and donuts in the mail room!” or “Birthday cake in the front office!” are regular emails we get as teachers. They are the worst kind of email to get on a Monday at around 1 p.m. Actually, they are the WORST emails ever. Why can’t they say, “Veggie tray in the teachers’ lounge!” As a long-term goal for myself, I vowed this school year to never give into those treats. I appreciate the PTO for all the work they do, but I will not cave. It will be hard but I must stay strong! I’ll let you know how I do after our Christmas DESSERT party that I’m already dreading.

Office treats are sneaky, but I encourage you to make the best choice for you. Do not deny yourself, but keep everything in balance. Maybe instead of the cream-filled donut, you take a small handful of M&Ms and call it a day.


One Response to Cookies in the Teachers’ Lounge!

  1. Anne says:

    Good luck with your goal! That much water in a day should flush out whatever cookie you give into should the desire become to strong! Have a great year!

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