If you’re a recent grad like me, it’s probably still a little weird that the upcoming fall doesn’t mean the start of a new school year. Though my mind seems to expect it, I won’t attend the first day of class, go back to school shopping, or get excited over syllabus week. But the oddest part of all is that there’s no formal fall recruitment to kick off the school year!

After four years of going through recruitment from one side or the other, it takes some getting used to that I’m not prepping for a couple hundred potential new members at this time of the year. I‘ll never forget how magical Spirit Week was bonding with my sisters while getting excited to welcome a whole new pledge class into our mystic bond. I’ll miss shopping trips for themed outfits, door chant practices, and decorating every room in the house. And as exhausting as the process is, I’ll miss the rounds upon rounds of house tours and rotating conversations. I even still get emotional when the song we used during preference plays on my iPod.

But even though we’ve graduated, whether it was just last spring or you have your 50-year pin, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do your part during recruitment. Last year, some of my favorite sisters and I baked 80 violet-frosted cupcakes and went to the chapter house early to help set up. While working behind the scenes didn’t have quite the same thrill as meeting my future little during Philanthropy Day, it was still an amazing experience to see the potential new members rush in, so overwhelmed that they finally made it where they belonged. It was also a fantastic way to meet up with some old friends and spend the rest of the day reminiscing about our time in the house.

With recruitment coming up for the University of Washington, I am excited to lend a hand again this year. The Mu chapter is hosting mock recruitment next week for their members to get some practice with alumnae before the real thing starts. I can’t wait to see their door chant from the outside and chat with a couple of my great-grandlittles!

Have you had a fun experience helping out with your local chapter’s recruitment? What are your favorite ways to connect with your Sig Kap sisters during the fall?

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  1. I have been having issues not doing recruitment. I was on Panhel one year and it was weird not being able to talk to my sisters and interact with them in public. I feels even more weird that I am not really close to a chapter. I am hoping that my next move to whatever city or state I am in, I can be close to a chapter and be involved with them. I miss those days so much!

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