is the month that we, Sigma Kappas, remember our commitment to the ongoing Alzheimer’s disease research. As I began thinking about what a blogger of books and reading could write about for this topic, a couple things popped into my head. For one, I am forever telling my husband and girls to stop laughing when I say the wrong thing or can’t remember why I went into the kitchen….”One day, I tell them,  you will find out I had early dementia and it won’t be so funny!”

Feeling forgetful and lost is not a funny feeling and, while I know many other moms my age are feeling the same effects of the constant running around and schedules of our crazy busy worlds, I always wonder if the joke is on me and the signs are there but I’m just choosing to ignore them. I make lists and notes to help, but still forget an item or two at the store. I take and print pictures of life events so we can look back and collectively remember the past. I even journal little things the girls do that I used to think were unforgettable (guess what…not so much!) All of this led me to my other thought…

What if anything can we do to help ourselves in this fight against losing our memories?

The information I found on confirmed some of what I had always believed…besides eating healthy and exercising, if you keep using and challenging your mind it will keep working for you longer. Suggestions on the site reiterate my mantra…read, read, read! While a challenging book is great, reading any matrerial you are interested in will continue to engage your brain.  Just remembering who’s who in a book can be difficult sometimes. I read an entire book once and it wasn’t until the end when I was flipping through the reading group questions that I realized that at no point in the book were we ever told the names of the three characters! They were just referred to as the professor, caretaker and her son. Our brains accept and store information, but how often do we not even realize what is missing until someone else points it out?

Another great, and fun, tip was the use of word, number and trivia games. Some that I enjoy are found online…Words with Friends (like Scrabble), Scramble with Friends (like Boggle), and one I started playing recently- Trivie (random trivia facts). If you have a smart phone you have probably heard of, or are currently playing one of these (they are quite popular). Of course, the old school game versions where you actually sit in front of your opponent are great, too; you can think and socialize (another tip they suggest)! That being said, the online games are a fabulous way to engage our brains for a few minutes while on break at work or sitting in the infamous school pickup lines.

So, the next time someone complains about how much time you spend reading or playing “silly” games, just let them know you are doing your daily brain exercises and carry on!

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3 Responses to Another Reason to Read!

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    How about hand-eye coordination games? Could it be possible that Angry Birds isn’t just a time waster? 😉

  2. Anne says:

    Love it!! I think anything we do to keep active has to help…and why not have fun whenever possible!

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