….all have what in common? Well…Sigma Kappa, of course! Here is my logic: as I was leaving Hobby Lobby from getting the items I needed for the craft that I am doing tonight for this blog, I was in a car accident. I was a at a four-way intersection. When it was my turn to go, I went. Well, a woman decided to hit the gas as I was in front of her and she T-boned me. I was able to hit the gas on my car so she only got the back passenger door of my car.

Passenger rear door.

Passenger rear door.

I am very thankful that it was only just a giant scratch and that both people involved were not injured. But I can tell you…I WAS SO SCARED! This was my first car accident and I literally almost peed my pants! But I did get a pretty awesome craft for you all to do.

Everybody has seen the totally awesome wreaths on Pinterest, so I wanted to get in on the action. Mine isn’t as BIG and IN YOUR FACE as the ones on Pinterest, but subtle and welcoming.

You will need the following items:

  • Foam wreath
  • Ribbon x 2
  • Hot glue gun (Closest thing to a girl’s best friend besides the staple gun!)
  • Feathers
  • Sign of your liking (or individual letters)
  • Metal hair clips
All items.

All items.

So I got a green ribbon and then a brown sheer ribbon. The green matches the green of the “fall” sign. I just wrapped the green and brown ribbon around the foam wreath.

Wrap around wreath.

Once that is finished, fold over the ends and hot glue gun it so that it doesn’t come apart.

Wrapped wreath.

Wrapped wreath.

I then took the metal hair clips and glued them to the back of the “fall” sign and the feathers.

Back of sign.

Back of sign.

Back of feathers.

Back of feathers.

Once the glue was dry on those, I then took the hair clip and clipped it between the green and brown ribbon. What makes the clips really cool is that you can take them off and put different accents on the wreath or put what you already have in a different spot on the wreath! You can personalize it per month or per holiday! How awesome is that?!?! I think I am going to start a company that sells accessories for wreaths, haha!

Finished Product!!

Finished product!!

It is simple yet welcoming! If you all have made your own wreath this year, what does yours look like? Please send a picture and let us know what you did. What worked and didn’t work for you? Are there any crafts or recipes you would like for me to try in October? After my first car accident and my first wreath I have ever made, it has been a great day.

How do you welcome in the holidays? Do you decorate? How extreme do you go?

Would love to hear everything that you have to say!

As always,

Love in Sigma Kappa


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One Response to Hobby Lobby, Car Accidents and Crafts….

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    I love it! The wreath almost looks as though it will fly away…

    For October? How about something with candy corn? 😉

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