Last time I recall making friendship bracelets, I’m pretty sure it was done in the tightest Jordache jeans watching the latest Miami Vice episode. If you do the math, then my age is obvious. So, fast forward to current, and here we are struggling to understand the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin. We are all doing our best at assimilating to the new Hong Kong culture. Of course, the most treacherous task seems to be making new friends. So I thought about trying, sharing and exchanging  friendship bracelets. There are as many ways to make the bracelets as there are friends. Friendship bracelets can be made with anything from the traditional embroidery floss to fabric scraps.  The bracelets can be done the traditional way, chevron, macrametwisted, etc. Once you’ve got that down, then start embellishing with beads, buttonschains, coins, charms and even hardware. Once I started embellishing the bracelets I made for the kids, I wanted to keep them for myself.


Once you have exhausted all the arm candy possibilities, you can start stacking them on your ankles…

 via @mackinink

So, sisters, have any of you been designing friendship bracelets? Any creations you’d be willing to share?



images via honestly wtf rickshaw designs and triple maxtons.

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  1. I am constantly sticking my nose into the whole friendship bracelet section of my craft box. It is something that I always turn to when I have nothing else to work on. I need to learn how to add the hardware and embellishments. What I love about friendship bracelets is the time that I put into it that means the most. I always think about all of the good times that I have had with the friend that I am making it for and I feel like I am making it a good luck bracelet that way. Thanks for sharing!

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