As much as I love my hometown during the summer, I can’t help but enjoy all of the seasons that we experience here in Rhode Island. Being in the northeast, we are lucky enough to experience spring, summer, fall and winter – and each season has its own intrigue. Spring brings bright green leaves and beautiful flowers; summer shares warm temperatures (perfect for beaching!) and sea breezes; and while it’s difficult to appreciate the freezing, snowy winters – they are still unique to the area and encourage us all to spend some time by the fire and drink delicious hot chocolate.

When it comes to autumn, the colors are my favorite part. With the foliage turning from the vibrant greens of summer to bright yellows and reds, it is not difficult to notice the beauty of this season. Along with the scenery, there are a number of activities that we like to take part in during the fall which offer the perfect opportunity to capture snapshots of both the fun and beauty that we experience during this time.

Fall Activities: Some of my favorite things to do in autumn include apple picking, pumpkin picking, cider drinking, leaf raking (ok, so maybe I don’t love to do this – but it comes with the season…), corn mazes, and long walks in the woods. All of these activities provide opportunities to take some beautiful photos of your surroundings – and the great time you had doing your thing!

How To Capture The Fun: There are a number of things to keep in mind when photographing the activities and scenery during this season. Remember:

  • The small details speak volumes! Try to capture something that you would otherwise overlook – the funky stem of a pumpkin, a bright red leaf in perfect shape, tall cornstalks against a blue sky. By focusing on the things that many may not even see, you are setting your photos apart from the masses. Don’t be afraid to zoom in on those details for effect!
  • Utilize natural contrast. This exists in so many places. For example, while taking your long walk in the woods on a beautiful fall day – note the darkness of tree trunks agains the bright colors of their leaves and the sky. Shoot up towards the sky and watch the colors POP agains the dark trunks.
  • Reflections are cool! Have you ever taken the time to notice how beautifully the colors of leaves reflect in a lake or pond? This can make for an awfully interesting photograph.
  • Use your light. In this season, your best light will be available within a couple of hours of sunrise or sunset. This causes a reddish sunlight hue to grace your shots and can give it a beautiful look. That said, keep in mind that the overcast days of the season are actually even better light for photography. The soft light enhances some of the more subtle colors of leaves, sky, and surrounding objects.
  • Check out the photos below to see each tip utilized to capture beautiful autumn snapshots!


Top Left: Detail, Top Right: Contrast, Bottom Left: Reflections, Bottom Right: Light


Now that you have some helpful tips and tricks for how to capture your autumn activities, go out there and get snapping!

Happy Fall,


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  1. Anne says:

    Love the photos…tips and great ideas!

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