Being away from home can be hard. And for many of us, Sigma Kappa was a home away from home when we were in college. I remember when I moved to London I was very homesick.

When I first arrived, I didn’t know anyone, didn’t have a job yet, and had a lot of time on my hands to miss familiar people and places. While I was so excited to be doing something I always dreamed of, I also felt very alone at times.

Things got better, MUCH better, and I’m very thankful I contacted the European Alumnae Chapter shortly after I got to the UK. It was a piece of my Sigma Kappa home when I was far away from all the sisters I knew in the States.

About a month ago, more than 20 sisters from all over Europe and the United States got together in my favorite city, London, to celebrate Founders’ Day and the 15th Annual Meeting of the EAC. It was a great weekend filled with lively dinners, late nights dancing and catching up with old friends, and ritual that unites us all as sisters. It never seems to matter where we went to school, when we graduated, or what we’re up to now.

The occasion made me reflect on all the different Founders’ Day celebrations I have been to and the amazing fact that no matter where I am, chances are I can find some Sigma Kappa sisters to share traditions with around Nov. 9.

So whether it’s in the student union at Boston University, a rooftop restaurant in Paris, a cozy living room in London,  or through Skype, celebrating Founders’ Day helps us connect with our sisters and reminds us where we come from as Sigma Kappas. Happy Founders’ Day, no matter where you are!  I hope you’re able to celebrate in some way, no matter how large or small.

For more information on the European Alumnae Chapter, please visit their website:

If you or a sister you know is studying abroad or will be in the future, let the EAC know:

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