I’m sure you have been reading in your friends’ posts what they are thankful for. November’s typical daily posts generally start with kids, husband, family, pets, and by the end of the month, we are getting the strange and wonderful posts…coffee, sleep and warm slippers! So, since this blog is about books and reading, I decided to tell you some of the reasons I am thankful for books!

By the time you read this, you will hopefully have exercised your right to vote and protected your freedom to read and express yourself. I am always thankful for the rights we have to read great books in our country as well as have authors who are free to write whatever their imaginations inspire them to create. Can you imagine a world where every book was about the same subject or from the same point of view?

Another reason I am thankful for books is that they allow me to learn about points in history and other cultures and countries that I would never otherwise be able to experience. Learning by reading a great story is a fabulous way to expand your mind.

When I am in the midst of the daily grind of drop off, pick up, sit and wait…I am always thankful for a great piece of fiction that I can escape into. From a historic romance, something a bit magical, or even a good mystery, there is always a great book waiting for me.

I am really thankful that my county has a great library system. I love being able to browse online and “request” my books to be delivered to my local library.  Thanks to all those librarians out there!

I am thankful that my parents got me reading at a young age and never stopped me from reading, riding my bike to the library for more books, or picking up a new book from the store. A tradition that has been passed down to my own two girls.

And while technology continues to expand into our daily lives and distract us, I am thankful for all the new e-readers. While I am not the owner of one yet, it is great to see so many people using them to read books, papers and magazines. Maybe one will be in my stocking this year!

I hope you all have a wonderful November and enjoy the things you are thankful for. As for me, I am going to curl up with the latest installment of the Beautiful Creatures series (book 4)…for which I am really grateful for!




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Where’s the like button??? My books are my friends and I couldn’t live without them!

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