You know, some blog postings are harder than others. It’s trying to get over that writer’s brick wall that can loom in front of me that makes writing interesting.  This month is an easy one.

November is a special month.


Nov. 9 is our Founders’ Day. We are 138 years young. 138 years of women making lifelong friendships. 138 years of sisters. November is also the wonderful month of Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for many things; Sigma Kappa Sorority is one of those things I’m thankful for and I want to tell you why.


I was a snap bid to Sigma Kappa. I had two horrible years of rush, that after 23 years doesn’t matter. But you know what I found with my pledge class? I found true heart sisters who had some of the same stories as me. We all wanted to feel like we belonged. We all wanted to serve our sorority. Jennifer, Jenny, Jana, Julie, Penny, Amber, Misty, Sheri, and Lisa are nine of the 14 of us. Lisa has a special place because we are heart sisters. I see her almost every day, and I love her so much. Sigma Kappa brought us together. A group of misfits who became officers, committee heads, and were in the ‘feeder line’ during rush.

I don’t just love these women because we are sisters, but during one of the darkest times of my life, while I was still a new member, they held me up.

May 7, 1994 my life changed forever. My father passed away after a three-year battle with a brain tumor. It was a horrible time in my life. Lisa’s dad had died a year earlier. I will never forget what she did for me as long as I live. She looked me in the eye on the day of his funeral and said: “I can’t go to the funeral. I’m not ready for that yet, but this is so you don’t forget that I’m there with you in spirit.” She pinned an angel pin to my dress. I still have that pin today, and when I see it, I remember how I needed someone who understood the path I was walking. She hugged my neck, and later she talked and cried with me. When I was sitting in my chair at the graveside, I looked around and saw my sisters. The president and vice president came as well. I can’t tell you what that meant to me to have the love of a group of women; some who didn’t know me very long. I love my sisters.

We had more happy times than should be allowed.

When I tried out for cheerleader at Auburn, these crazy people decorated my apartment’s porch. Kim Hunton, I know you were the ring leader! They were also there to cheer me on, and were proud of me even though I didn’t make it. We dressed up for themed swaps; had fun walking in parades; and we danced, some better than others, at our formals. When Megan was up for homecoming queen, we were all on the concourse doing our song for her. When all the homecoming court was in a wreck, we were the first ones to pray for them, and laughed with Megan when she said she hoped she could get some sympathy votes with her arm in a sling. We had fun playing intramural sports. Beth B., I loved watching you run! She looked like a gazelle. We were not too shabby either. We cried happy tears at candlelights and during pref day we remembered why we chose Sigma Kappa over and over again.

This November, I remember things I am thankful for and I am thankful for my Sigma Kappa sisters. So, as Sigma Kappa celebrates its 138th birthday, I will celebrate my 20th year as a Sigma Kappa, and my first year as a guest blogger on LiveSigmaKappa. It made me think of one of my favorite songs we would sing at candlelights and rush. I put it below so you can remember and smile too. Boom, boom, go Sigma K.


Love in Sigma,



You’ll wanna be a Sigma

When you see a Sigma

When you get to know a Sigma K

You’ll find no friendlier girls around

Than the friendly girls of Sigma K

You can look around at any house in town

You’ll find no better one around

For sisterhood is ours to share

At Sigma K we’ll always care.

You’ll wanna be a Sigma

When you see a Sigma

When you get to know a Sigma K

Boom, Boom My honey

Boom, Boom My honey

Boom, Boom, Go Sigma K

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