Over the past few weeks, the Christmas lists and ideas have been flying around our house. My girls’ lists start with big electronic items from a certain fruit store, followed by stilts, odd t-shirts, shoes, sunglasses and bows. My own list started out with the possibility of an e-reader or tablet. This has been followed by much debate and research. The coversation with my husband has gone something like this:

Me: I think maybe the e-reader with the new paper white screen looks nice…even comes with 3G

Husband: (Looks it up) announces that the 3G is not needed, why would you pay the extra money when the other cheaper one has Wi-Fi capabilities?

Me: Because you can’t always get Wi-Fi, and what if I need another book?

Husband: that’s not the one you need…you want one that you can check your mail…

Me: I can do that on my phone

Husband: and one you can play games…

Me: I can do that on my phone

Husband: and one you can surf on the Internet…

Me: I can do that on my phone

SIGH—more research…

Me: This tablet looks nice, does quite a bit…but it calls its operating system ice cream?? I’m confused

Husband: Hmm….really?

Me: and supposedly the new one coming is called jelly bean?

Husband: You know, there are other things on your wish list…

The debate goes on and my confusion with which one to choose continues. How many options does one need? Do I need to watch tv when I’m not at home? Do I need a camera/video option? How much storage space is enough? What operating system is better?

What I know is that I want to be able to read whenever and wherever, so it needs to be light, portable (aka fits in my purse), and without glare. Trying to understand the technical specs I will admit is a bit beyond me. I’ve also noticed that everyone who has one is a staunch supporter of whatever version they have.

At this point, I may stay happy and old school it with my books as heavy and awkward as they may be. We shall see. As my husband said, there are other items on my wish list that are much less complicated…purses, necklaces and earrings…never go wrong with a little bling!

Do you have one of these great new gadgets?

Can you live without one?

Hope you get everything on your wish list!

I’ll let you know my outcome in January!


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4 Responses to The List…

  1. Rebecca Pope-Ruark says:

    I have a Nook Tablet, having recently upgraded from a Nook version 1. I like it. It only has wifi and that’s fine. Like you said, I don’t need it to do everything because I can do that other stuff on my phone. I also have an iPad for work but something about reading a regular book on that screen set off my migraines, so I can’t consolidate devices. I just load it up with lots of reading options, magazines, and even free samples of books when I travel. An added bonus is that no one can see your book cover :) I love books and there are still many things I will only buy hard copies of, but this is a greener way to feed my reading habit.

  2. Anne says:

    I do like the fact that no one sees what your reading!

  3. Mary Beth Godsey says:

    I have a Kindle Keyboard with wifi and 3g. I have read over 100 books on my Kindle and I love it. You can get free books on Pixelofink.com or Ereadernews.com

  4. Anne says:

    Update: got the iPad mini and so far love love love it!!

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