As you all know by now, I live in the South.  Not just the South, but I live in God’s country, Alabama. Cold here is considered anything lower than 45 degrees. We have melt your face off hot in the summer, comfortable in the fall and spring, and a little chilly in the winter. It can be wet, but we don’t get snow here. OMG, I just said snow…someone make sure there’s not a run on bread and milk at the grocery store!


OH NO!!! Not the ‘S’ word!


Was this really just two years ago? They grow too fast!


If someone says the ‘S’ word, even as just a possibility, everything in the city will shut down. The dump trucks with sand will be prepared, there is a run on bread and milk, schools will be closed just on a threat of snow, and there is just a sense of panic around the city. I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m not! It’s kind of funny. The only bad thing about where I live is that it is very hilly, so if we get heavy snow or ice, my fam is stuck.


Last Christmas, we had snow on Christmas Day and my birthday, Dec. 26. It was the first snow ever at Christmastime in Alabama. It was great! Happy birthday to me!!! I love how everything looks when it snows. It’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful. I took a picture of my house in the snow before the children went outside to play in it. Now, just so you know, this was the dangerous amount of 1 inch. I was endangering my life just by going out in it. 😉



We do love snow.


Harry slamming Henry with a monster snowball

In 2010, we had a great snow. I think we ended up getting close to two inches when it was all said and done. And when the children went outside to play in it, I, of course, grabbed my camera. The first thing they did was to put on their ski gear. They wanted to see who could make the biggest snowball. They were smiling and laughing. Their noses were red and their hands were cold. I was laughing at them. I love it when I hear them making memories together. Shoving snowballs down each other’s jackets, pegging each other in the face at close range, it’s all good. We don’t cry around here…we get even. If your brother/sister slammed a snowball on your head, make a bigger one and do it back. Or better yet, get the other two to join forces with you and gang up on that one child. All’s fair in love and war. Even if it’s a war with snowballs.


Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're safe.


If there is one thing I can emphasize about your children, it’s document, document, document. You might think another opportunity will come around to capture memories, but time slips away so quickly.


I hope we get a snow this year. It will be my last snow with all four at home. One more year of pictures of snowball fights and snowmen, laughter, smiles, roaring fires and hot chocolate. One more year of fun memories in the snow. OK, now I’ve made myself cry.



So, this winter, I’m praying to hear the ‘S’ word!


Celebrating great memories of fun snow days with the fam!


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3 Responses to OMG…They Said the ‘S’ Word

  1. Anne says:

    So true about memories and documenting them! We are headed up north as in from south Florida to Cleveland Ohio for Christmas and everyone is really hoping for some of the “s” word! Cross your fingers!

  2. Christine says:

    I completely understand. We are Ohio natives = lots of snow. Did a stint in Northern Virginia (dc)= much less snow. Now ex pats in Hong Kong = absolutely no snow. My kids are sad there no chance of snow for Christmas. Snow is nice for Christmas. But after that is gets old.

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