I think more celebrations happen during this time of year than at any other time. We celebrate the Christmas season with multiple office parties, friendly gatherings, and family dinners. We will also celebrate the end of a great year and the beginning of a new one. I enjoy all of the celebrations and parties. It’s fun to get dressed up and put on fancy shoes and have lots of fun. During this celebration season, I encourage you to celebrate the financial successes you had during 2012.

Kevin and I make it a point to celebrate every financial success as they happen. We celebrate by getting a cake from the grocery store and sitting down with a movie and two forks. Why not have a little private party for all of the financial success you had during the year? Some of the successes we will celebrate include:

* Maintaining a budget every month during the year.

* Removing two commitments from our books.

* Selling our house and getting started on a financial plan that should have us debt free in two years.

* Receiving small gifts of additional income at just the right times.

What financial successes will you celebrate? Congratulations on those successes and here is to many more.

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