Have you ever needed a spark of inspiration? Something or someone to kick your motivation into high gear? Well, have I got the woman for you!

She dedicates her time, her energy, her life to the Sorority that each of us loves dearly. Every day, she wakes up and dons her pearls and letters. You cannot always see these fashionable items because she often wears them on her heart. This woman understands what it means to live our values. She personally develops every day, whether she realizes it or not. She is loyal to Sigma Kappa and to her sisters. Her friendship is often the one thing that helps another Sigma Kappa make it through the day. The service she provides is never seen by anyone…it happens late at night while she is up writing reports and brainstorming ways to help our chapters. She works WAY over the hours expected of her and does so because she cares. When she made her promise to Sigma Kappa, she truly meant it for a lifetime. What a great example of our values!

She is very familiar with many of our members. She has seen many of you cry and made many of you laugh. This woman eats, sleeps and breathes Sigma Kappa. And she does it because she deeply wants to give back to the Sorority that gave her so much. She left her family, her friends, and everything familiar to her. She put her own personal career and life goals on hiatus to make a difference in Sigma Kappas everywhere. She truly believes that being a member of our Sorority can change women’s lives…because it changed hers. She spends her days and nights talking with collegians, fellow alumnae, professionals on campuses, taxi cab drivers, and flight attendants. She is often miles and miles from her actual home, but she gladly calls chapter houses and members’ apartments “home” because those places are where she spends her time doing what she loves…bonding and working with her sisters. She knows that Sigma Kappa is for more than just four years, and she wholeheartedly intends on being a shining example of this.

You might know this woman by the name of Ashley, Jenna, Lauren, Jordan, Melinda, Elizabeth, Heather, Katie, Michelle, Meaghan, Stacy, or 100 other names. I know her as Jordan Archer, Jordan Barnett, Sue Buyrn, Amy Gallagher, Katherine Getty, Francesca Gomes, Mary Margaret Gregory, Suzannah Grubb, Molly Kenney, Meghan McFerrin, and Hannah Villa. These women are my inspiration.

Y0u might wonder how I know so much about them and their dedication to Sigma Kappa. I am their supervisor. I have seen their blood, sweat, tears, hard work, and serious fierceness. On the days when I need a motivation jolt, I think of these 11 women. So when you need inspiration or a reminder of why Sigma Kappa is important to you, look no further than the 2012-2013 leadership consultant team. They amaze me, and I know they will amaze you! And this is my ode to them!

My Inspiration

Love in Sigma Kappa,

Brooke James

Collegiate Services Manager

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