It’s that “new year” feeling… we all have it watching the ball drop in New York, hosting a party with friends and family, or in for a quiet night at home. Whereever we spend our New Year’s Eve, there is an unmistakable feeling of joy, freshness and opportunity. With each new year there is the opportunity to make big changes and small changes–taking our wishes and turning them into goals. Historically, New Year’s resolutions are firm in January – full of hope, then in February, you are determined but distracted, and by March, they tend to be long forgotten! My goal is not to let my goals get away from me this year.

My personal hero challenge-

I wanted to do something different for 2013 and not the typical resolutions that we all have. So I took a cue from the BE The Person Conference I attended. I wanted to find my EveryDay Hero inside of who I was. My mission is to try to do something for someone everyday. Not some cheesy facebook “reply to my status and Ill give you a gift idea” but small thoughtful little things like the other morning buying the car behind me coffee or volunteering at my son’s school for an extra hour. I have also made it my challenge to meet more mom’s in my community. Living in a barely developed subdivision we don’t have a lot of neighbors. Through the PTA, sports  and other school and town events I’m trying to listen more, connect more and find more people to expand my village in the small suburb I live in. I don’t need to be a superhero…just trying to reconnect with myself, change what I don’t like and foster new friendships. I have to say this is new and slightly uncomfortable to have to venture into “mom” world and reach out or to do little deeds for others that might not always be accepted (yes some people are not that pleasantly surprised by a kind gesture! ) But I reach in to the years of sorority training to put on a smile and jump on in!

Small Steps Big Change– “A Journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”

As a volunteer I have also made resolutions for 2013. To say thank you to each of the advisory board and corporation board members who gives of their time so easily, readily and willingly. To the house directors at each COA who stop in (Mary! Sheila!) to make sure I’m doing well and to tell me what awesome Sigma Kappa’s we have! To try out exciting programs for my alumnae group so we can foster some change in the world by experiencing and learning new things!

Your New 2013 You

So where are you taking your steps to start your journey? What promises did you make to ring in the new year for your lives and where does Sigma Kappa fit?

Do you “promise to…”

“Pay my alumnae dues and join an alumnae chapter.” Or reconnect with an alumnae chapter that you meant to call, have not seen in a while, or didn’t think you had time for? Look them up! A sister is always ready to welcome you back into the group!

“Consider volunteering for Sigma Kappa.” It’s FUN! You can meet some of the best friends you will ever have. As collegians, we all have memories of socials, community service events, homecoming, meetings, and numerous other events. Why not rediscover why you joined Sigma Kappa through the eyes of the collegians and give back! Maybe it’s for one hour during recruitment, attending events supporting our sisters, or joining an advisory or corporation board. Share your talents with Sigma Kappa!

Does the journey take you through “Sigma Kappa-ville?” Even a brief stop is one more resolution complete. What are some resolutions you are making to write the next chapter in your book of 2013. We are all starting with a clean slate, make the moments matter!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”  – Brad Paisley

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  1. Tracy says:


    Great way to start a New Year–clean slate for us all! Thanks for ALL You do!

    Hugs in SK!

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