And now for something completely different. OK, not really. For years now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to put letters on my car without looking like I never outgrew college. (Hmm… I still work there, so did I?) I have a seriously cute little blue SUV that would wear the letters well. I even bought the white die-cut letters a couple of years ago, but they never made their way to the back windshield.

Although I’m committed to Sigma Kappa, and everyone who knows me knows that, it’s never seemed socially acceptable to be a 30-something woman wearing letters everywhere. Panhellenic groups don’t seem to have the same kind of lifelong commitment that the NPHC organizations, for example, do. For four years, I lived near North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. During football weekends, the little breakfast spots in town would be full of men and women wearing their Greek letters and colors proudly. During homecoming, you’d often see several generations of alumni gathered in their letter jackets. How cool is that?

But the attitude toward NPC groups just seems different. Plus, I work at a university and spend most of my time near colleges (Elon, Duke, UNC, etc.). While it might be acceptable to show my (imaginary) allegiance to a football team rather than a basketball team (says she who avoids March Madness like the plague), showing allegiance to one sorority might come across as biased to some groups of people on my campus (which I totally understand and was the main reason the letters never made it on to Sassy — that’s the car’s name). My office has a few Sigma Kappa artifacts if you know where to look, like Where’s Waldo, but that’s different than sporting letters on your car (or self).

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I’m always on a mission to find ways to wear my Dove Love proudly, but less conspicuously. I’ve already written about making heart and dove jewelry and having the coat of arms embroidered on shirts. One thing that I’ve been looking for for years that I’ve never found is a die-cut version of the “Voices Strong. Hearts United.” intertwined hearts logo. How awesome would that be on the back of the car? It’s lovely. It’s meaningful. And it’s like a wink to the other Sigma Kappas out there on the road with us.

Wondering if that elusive intertwined hearts logo might be on more stuff than I’ve been able to locate, I turned to the one place I vowed to never go – Pinterest. Yeah, sorry, I just don’t get it. Still don’t even now that I’ve joined. (Although I did make a fun board of nail art, to which I might add this little fun pedicure that I did…and yes, I just put a picture of my toes in this post.) Regardless, I went to Pinterest and found some cool ways to wear Dove Love as alumnae. Here are some things I found*:

A T-shirt and a tank top with the logo on it.

A pretty “one heart one way” block that would look great on the back of a shirt.

A beautiful interpretation of a “Voices Strong. Hearts United.” dove. Again, how pretty would that be on a shirt?

OK, seriously, who doesn’t love this one? WANT.

And these are cool too! My cousin has a little side business drawing on canvas shoes, so I might have to send him a pair to either recreate the Lilly print or to add lots of intertwined hearts.

View my first board here. There are only a few things on it right now, so send me some links or pins or whatever it is you are supposed to do on Pinterest if you find something cool.

I didn’t find my hearts sticker for the car, but it was fun to see the Sigma Kappa love on Pinterest from the actives and alumnae. Does anyone else want a sticker like that? Let’s make it happen!

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5 Responses to Ways to Show the Love

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    I met an NPHC member the other day who thought it was interesting that NPC alumnae usually say, “Were you in a sorority,” where NPHC women will say, “Are you in a sorority?” I have starting using the latter, since I *am* an active member 25 years after graduating.

  2. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    Just want to make sure everybody knows they can also follow Sigma Kappa on Pinterest at

  3. Anne says:

    So true!! Would love a fun way to show my sigma pride!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have a Sigma Kappa license plate cover for my car. It fits over my license plate so the letters are pretty tiny, but there. I also wear my badge as a necklace, not just on National badge day. It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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