I’m sure there are a ton of Sigma Kappas who were affected by Winter Storm Nemo last week. I felt like I was right in the middle of it. My boyfriend went to New Hampshire that Thursday to take advantage of the “awesome ski conditions” that Nemo would bring, so my dog, Bear, and I weathered the storm together. Friday, during the day, brought lots of slushy snow, then as the night approached, the wind picked up and the snow came down faster. By 5 p.m., there were branches and ice blowing into the house, and a little over an hour later (about 6:30 p.m.), the house lost power.

Luckily, I was fully prepared and had already eaten dinner, done laundry, washed dishes, charged my phone and laptop, and even placed flashlights, grill lighters and candles in each of the major rooms in the house to be prepared. After watching the only movie I had downloaded on iTunes (10 Things I Hate About You…good stuff), I went to bed with the wind still blowing and the snow still falling! The next morning, although it was still snowing, everything seemed calmer…and then it was time to assess the damage outside!

We accumulated a little over 2 feet in my area. The cars and fence were encased in ice and the roads were not plowed. I decided to pack up and drive to my friend’s house a town over where there was heat and power – but although only a 10-mile drive, it was a treacherous one. Below, I have shared some photos of my experiences during the storm. Enjoy!

Left: After shoveling to the gate…I opened it to find 2 ft of snow! Right: That branch had fallen on my car during the windy night!

This is the progression of my shoveling the driveway and clearing my car.

Top Left: My street – the morning after. Bottom Left: The hill I have to go up to reach a main road. Right: A tree that had fallen on to the main road.

These are the famous “Narragansett Towers!” The snow pounded the building and stuck like that for days!


How did all of you survive the storm? Share your experiences with us here in the comments section! Until next time…stay warm!

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  1. Anne says:

    Great pics…makes me even happier to be down in Florida!

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