Sisterhood… in the month of love, sisterhood is the heart of Sigma Kappa. But when you stop and think of how you define sisterhood, I have realized there is not just one answer. As a collegian, alumna and volunteer, I have seen sisterhood displayed a thousand and one ways, each as unique as the members in our chapters.

Sisterhood: The College Years:

Throughout recruitment, we all share our chapter’s sisterhood. It’s an intangible reward of membership through the friends that you make. Many women choose to join a sorority and Sigma Kappa, but few understand the impact that these women and their sisterhood will have on their lives both during and after college.

Working with our collegians, there are so many shared experiences that create the foundation for lifelong friendships. Its not just a social or a campus event, but being the role model for your chapter members, sharing leadership opportunities, opening doors allowing members to serve as student leaders both in the chapter and on campus, as well as participating in philanthropy and service projects together.

Sisterhood: The Alumnae Years:

As we all graduate and move forward, the sisterhood does not end! Whether it is being roommates after college, being a bridesmaid, or being there for all the special milestones in each other’s lives–sisterhood transcends chapters once we graduate. Joining alumnae chapters or volunteering with SK, we realize sisterhood is not limited to our campus but spans 50 states and beyond! You never know if your next best friend may be a sister who didn’t even graduate from your school.

The bonds of sisterhood are strong, and your sorority sisters will be by your side for a lifetime.

Defining the sisterhood:

So after all that, what IS sisterhood?? Sisterhood is spending a COA weekend watching Sigma Kappas compete in the Miss USA pageant at a chapter house with collegians, having dinner and wondering how time really flies, writing a recommendation for a former collegiate officer, or the thousands of other big and little milestones we celebrate.
Sisterhood is learning, sharing, leading, loving and supporting, but it’s also responsibility and being a role model. Sisterhood is leading with your mind supported by your heart because the heart of our sisterhood is the people we share it with.

How do you define sisterhood? Who has been an example of sisterhood for you? How do you demonstrate your sisterhood?

“We’re not sisters by birth, but we’ve known from the start, fate brought us together to be sisters by heart.”

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One Response to The “Heart” Of Sisterhood

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    I love this post! I have so many awesome Sigma Kappa sisters that I met in college, in an alumnae chapter I either joined or visited, at Convention (you!), or even online, first as a CyberSigma, now as a blogger. And I love knowing that, as you say, my sorority sisters will be by my side for a lifetime — both the ones I already know *and* the ones I have yet to meet.

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