March always makes me think of all things Irish. Not the green beer, partying, or pinching people not wearing green (who came up with that one?!?), but the rolling green hills and villages that seem to be nestled in to the valleys. The way anything sounds magical when said in an Irish brogue. Of the local pub where everyone knows you and your family history.

If you can’t hop on a jet plane and visit in person, I suggest checking out one of Meave Binchy’s books. Her books are all set in Ireland with a cast of characters you won’t soon forget. Sadly, this great author passed away this past July, but not before leaving us one last story to enjoy–A Week in Winter.

A Week in Winter was recently released in the States and tells the story of four people who all find their way to Stone House for a week. They each come with their own set of secrets and problems. Throw in a motley staff of characters running Stone House and I am sure it’s bound to be a great read! My copy is currently on hold, so if you have beaten me to getting it, no spoilers please!

While I wait, I have been enjoying her book Heart and Soul, which centers around Dr. Clara Casey. She is starting a new job she doesn’t want, dealing with two ungrateful 20-something daughters and an ex-husband who just won’t quit. I’m already in love with the lyrical way she writes her descriptions and creates her characters.

Reading books set in countries that differ from yours is a great way to begin to learn about other cultures, traditions and places from the comfort of your couch. Just promise me if you get the chance to visit one of your dream places you get off that couch and GO!!

What book will you read next to visit a new magical place?

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  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    I agree about getting off the couch and going! After reading The Twelve Little Cakes by Dominika Dery, I made it a point to visit Prague. She described the astronomical clock in the town square, and I just *had* to see it. I’m so glad I did. (I just wish I had been there to see the history of the clock that was projected onto its face for its 600 year anniversary on October 9, 2010.

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