First of all, what am I supposed to do with all of these emotions stirred by the latest episode of New Girl? In my active list of fandoms, Nick and Jess are my OTP. Never forget Ron and Hermione (may they rest, xoxo).

Have you ever been in one of those small pools where they water pushes out toward you and you’re supposed to water-run or something like that? I think I’ve seen them in the SkyMall catalog, and I’ve pulled the magazine close to my eyes to see who’s running in them while I’m distracting myself from takeoff and landing. It looks extremely hard and you don’t go anywhere. At the end of the workout, you’re just still there in the same spot as where you started.

That’s kind of how I feel right now. All of these things I’ve been writing about, my career, my love life, my social life, the road to becoming famous, they all feel like I’m in one of those stupid pool runner things. I keep going going going and when I’m done I’m in the same spot that I was before. I haven’t written since January. I’ve been on dates but there was nothing ever there. I feel stagnant and soaking wet and tired. Someone tell me when my quarter-life crisis is supposed to be over?!?

Nothing annoys me more than when an older entity in my life tries to give me advice. Sometimes, I really don’t want to hear it. I want to feel what I’m supposed to feel when I’m supposed to feel it. I don’t want a preview of the future or clues to what happens when I get older or any of that. I want to be on the path I’m supposed to be on it when I’m supposed to be there. And I want to use the phrase supposed to however many times I want.

I know I say this a lot but this is such a crazy season of my life. I don’t have direction or a path or any idea as to when I’m going to get those things or if I have to create them myself, but sometimes reflection like this is so overwhelming.

Sisters, when did your quarter-life crisis begin or end?


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  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    If I can’t offer you advice, can I offer you a virtual hug?

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