Living in New York City isn’t like anywhere else in the world, sometimes. Although minute in size and scale on a geographical map, this ‘island’ is full of wondrous opportunity, diversified culture, and immense awareness. 

earth day 1Let’s take for instance, Earth Day. I was looking through my calendar at work today (which is next to the Highline, a very ‘green’ infrastructure on the water’s edge!) and realized the date is approaching – just in time for a change in weather. Being that New York City is notoriously nicknamed the “concrete jungle,” one has to wonder: What could possibly be done here to help celebrate the holiday? Sure, we have parks, playgrounds, and protected areas by the piers, but I think we can all agree there is little space for a backyard, let alone a newly planted tree farm or environmental preservation.

This is where the wonder comes in: NYC devotes an entire weekend of festivities to promote Earth Day, and has done so for decades! There is hardly any exclusion in the variety of events, exhibits and activities that will be taking place. Aside from lectures, guest speakers, local vendors, and a festival at the Javits Center, there will be outdoor live performances, a presence of ecological companies, interactive displays, you name it. What I find so remarkable about this three-day tribute to Earth Day is that although the youth here aren’t growing up between rolling meadows, but rather high-rise buildings, they are exposed to the vastness of the larger world we all live in.

Being that spring has finally arrived, I will be honoring our Earth by riding my city-cruiser to and from work. I think one of the best ways to travel this metropolis is by bicycle. You will usually find me riding the west side bike path along the Hudson. For leisure, I’m a fan of taking in the sunset via park bench and a good book, or settled with a blanket on a grassy knoll. On the contrary, when biking to exercise, the Brooklyn Bridge has a magnificent view as it links two skylines together over the East River.

In light of such a ‘green’ holiday during the middle of April, I encourage you to make an effort to celebrate Earth Day all throughout the month. To my fellow New Yorkers, use one Saturday afternoon to wander the Central Park loop. Dedicate an entire day to using any form of transportation that does not require an engine. Grab a bite to eat at one of NYC’s greenly regulated restaurants. Use your green thumb to plant some flowers (property permitting) or send some to a friend. Buy organic. Donating would coincide with National Volunteer Month, and volunteering within the city would give you bonus points!

Whatever you choose, keep it real. Have fun and be present. You never know when one New York experience can blossom into a beautiful bouquet of new adventures!

Love from the big A –

SK in the City


By Carly Mento April 2, 2013



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4 Responses to SK in the City

  1. jackie says:

    I could feel the cool breeze and the “buzz” of NYC as I read this article. I could just feel the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Sofia says:

    Excited to see a SK in the City blog! Excited to follow you!

  3. Julie says:

    Love the wonderful vivid descriptions…It brings back memories of visiting NYC and living so close!!!

  4. Carly Mento says:

    Thank you all for the positive feedback! Excited to be presenting an NYC point of view to our SK alum, and readers in general! :)

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