A UM field hockey game. A hike. A trip to the dog park. The neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Earth day “Day of Service” for the elementary school. Two soccer games. Three soccer practices. One bike trip. Two Tigers’ games.

The rainy neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.

The rainy, neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.


Delayed. Postponed. Canceled. Rescheduled due to rain.


This has been a very frustrating spring in the Midwest. It feels like the rain is never-ending. And my cute, fun rainboots cracked, so now a rainy day also means wet feet. It would be very easy to be cranky.


I’m trying my best not to be.


After a long winter, a few warm (relatively speaking) spring days requiring no jacket or snow pants is just what the kids need. How glorious to be able to throw open the door and not worry about letting out the heat, to run outside in the thick grass with bare feet, to spend hours playing in the sun. Instead, every other day has included drenching rain and canceled activities.


Playing in a drizzle without a care.

Playing in a drizzle without a care.

And yet my two-year-old daughter can still delightfully point out the yellow and purple and blue and white flowers. She can cheep along with the birds and try to find them up in the trees. She can cheerfully spot the new leaves on the trees and bushes.


My five-year-old son can jubilantly pull on his raincoat and boots and grab his umbrella to gleefully splash in the puddles. He can climb in his fort and swing on the swings and slide down the slide and ride his bike in the rain without a care. He can collect the wet crocuses growing in the lawn and hand them to me with a smile on his face.


This spring I’m taking a page from the kids’ books. I’m splashing in puddles on the walk home when my pants would get wet anyway. I’m taking a few seconds to listen to the birds instead of rushing inside. I’m collecting a few wildflowers instead of being annoyed that they’re growing in the grass.


My clothes will dry eventually anyway.

My clothes will dry eventually anyway.

I’m letting the kids carry the umbrellas. I’m letting them play on the playground when the soccer game is canceled. I’m letting them catch raindrops with their wide open mouths instead of rushing them inside.


I’m scheduling indoor soccer practices so we can play no matter how muddy the fields and planning to go watch lacrosse games (with a covered field) instead of field hockey games.


Game postponed.

Game postponed.

I’m keeping a good spirit and a smile when I’ve driven 45 minutes to the Tigers stadium with the kids, bought overpriced junk food for dinner, and the game is rained out before it’s begun. And then let the kids play in the gigantic puddles by the gate for an hour before leaving. Because they may as well wear themselves out before the 45-minute ride back home. Because they may as well have fun even if we couldn’t see a baseball game. Because I would love for them to keep their positive outlook on life as long as they possibly can.


And I would love to have the same positive outlook.

Batting practice in the rain.

Batting practice in the rain.



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2 Responses to Rescheduled Due to Rain

  1. courtney says:

    Love your posts and the pictures of the little ones! Hope you to see you soon!

    • Penney Blakely says:

      Thank you Courtney! Maybe we can even manage to do something outside of Sigma Kappa over the summer!?

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