Its May, which signifies many things to many people, Mother’s Day, end of the year partys, concerts, plays, dreaded tests, and an anniversary or two. As with every other month, unless you are single (and maybe then, too) you are busy, busy, busy, running around like crazy and forgetting about numero one…umm, yes that is YOU! At our house, it is widely known, if not always remembered and respected that a happy mommy makes for a happy family!

My recommendation this month is simple…curl yourself up with a great book either on the couch (for those of you not yet seeing spring) or out on a lounger where you can catch a couple golden rays! One of my favorite authors, Sarah Addison Allen, recently posted about a new author she enjoyed…and being that I greatly enjoyed her books, I went and picked it up. Ladies, get your hands on “The Witch of Little Italy” by Suzanne Palmieri.

This is a fabulous book! Suzanne writes an amazing multi-layered love story, not just between our main character Ellie and her soulmate Anthony, but more importantly, the incredible love of a family who much misfortune has befallen. The telling of the story rotates between Ellie, her Aunt Itsy, and the Sisters Amore. Only by learning about her family’s past can Ellie find her future and her lost memories.

Go treat yourself this month to a great new author and a few hours to yourself!

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  1. christine says:

    thanks anne. i really do need to read more. since we’ve moved to hong kong i think i’ve only read travel books. i think i need to add some more fiction. i may have to try your suggestion!

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