On top of my clothes washer is a messy collection of rocks, beads, candy wrappers, seashells, notes, sea glass, and bottle caps. Some of these I toss- candy wrappers. But most of these items are tiny reminders of a quick special memory that I  just can not immediately circular file. That quick but special friend’s note that makes you smile all day. A quick trip to the beach on the way home (yes we are able to do that here in Hong Kong). That special rock that grabbed one’s eye on a long mountainous hike. Some notes are mounted on the wall as reminders. Some rocks, shells and sea glass are added to the pile. Which is where I get myself into the bind. What to do with these mounting natural piles accumulating in my house? After severe goggling and pinteresting (if that’s not a real word yet it will be soon.). I string my daughter’s shells up on on the brightest pink string I could locate. And I’m moving on to to the sea glass next. Still at a loss on what I could do with the rocks. I’m just not feeling the pet rock thing.


I’m currently working on my sea glass mobile. And wondering if I choose just the right rocks out of my pile could they become the same

or possibly go all out and combine a bunch of small bits to a terrarium.


one large yarn covered rock as a paper weight.


No matter what you do with those small treasures, they are gems in your home and should be treated as such. On my nightstand I have a plain old looking white rock that my son handed to great grandma at some point. We found this rock with Joseph in cursive with the date he handed it to her in her nightstand after she was gone. And this from a woman who saved almost nothing. It reminds me every morning that the most boring things of the day are in turn really the most important.



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  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    Can’t wait to see a photo of your sea glass mobile!

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