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I just had a realization- I graduated from college about this time 10 years ago. I remember an assignment in elementary school writing a letter to my future self (I think it was to tell myself to not do drugs or something) and thought I should do the reverse. After breaking out my hot tub time machine, here’s what I would say:

Dear 22-year-old me,

Congratulations, you made it! You worked hard, got it done, and all that good stuff. As you move forward with the next chapter of your life, here’s some advice from the future, a la Marty McFly:

1. Be proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished a lot in 22 years worth celebrating. If you don’t take pride in your accomplishments, who will?

2. Take better care of yourself. You only have one body to work with, and it doesn’t get any easier to be healthy as you get older.

3. Go easy on the drinking. You’re not as funny as you think after a few beers. And see #2.

4. Stop worrying so much about the future. There is a lot of unknown coming up and it’s incredibly scary. But it all comes together. Trust me on this one.

5. Be thankful for the gifts you’ve been given. You are very lucky to have the opportunities you have and will continue to have. Don’t take it for granted.

6. Keep in touch. You’re actually pretty good at this one, but will realize you wish you had done more to keep people in your life after college is over. And having more friends around the country and world means more places to stay when you travel.

7. It’s okay to be angry sometimes. Don’t keep it in or you end up melting down from time to time. It’s not pretty.

8. Start buying clothes that fit and suit your body type, not just what’s on the sale rack. Oh and while you’re at it- get a real perfume, not some Gap scent you’ve had since high school. You’re a lady now.

9. Get more involved with Sigma Kappa alumnae activities sooner. I know you need a bit of a break from ‘sorority life’ but getting involved again has been a great aspect of your adult-ness. You’ll realize it actually taught you some good life skills. Least of all how to squat in a group picture.

10. Look around and take a deep breath. Savor the moment and smile. You’ve earned it.


Your 32-year-old self

SK BU Graduation

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2 Responses to A Letter to My 22-Year-Old Self

  1. Carly Mento says:

    I love this post! Im only a few years past 22, but I can already see myself relating to this advice. Better to call myself on it sooner than later! Thank you :)

  2. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    Great advice! Especially #9! See you in Zurich…

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