It’s that time of year again: women in dresses and wedges, men pulling out their linen suits and lightweight shirts, stuffy subways, and beautiful long Sundays. Summer has arrived!

welcome to nyYou must know that summers in New York City are rather quiet. When the temperature turns towards the 80s, many of us jump for joy and reach for our fedoras and garden hats. The rest, however, flee to their summer homes in the North (Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire…) or zip on down the coastline to the Jersey shore. None of those locations sound half bad – but for me, I prefer to stick around and enjoy having the city all to myself.

If you are convinced from my previous encounters that the city has so much yet to uncover, imagine what you can find when a quarter of the population has vacated for a whole season! The activities that kick off in spring continue, but the variety and availability increase with each passing day.

Being that I live on the west side, my commute to the west side highway is only minutes. I find myself here most weekend mornings, joining the other ‘locals’ on the grassy knolls along the piers and pathways. Some are tanning, some exercise, children run and play while parents watch. By the water, the view of sailboats passing, cruise ships even, and the ferry, are typical sights to take in. There is a free kayaking station by me that I (note to self) must take advantage of this year. Who would pass up a chance to plop themselves right into the Hudson?

I may be a bit naive to the festivals and tremendous foods known in the south that are cooking up all year long. So when summer strikes in NYC, I can’t help but flock to every block party, food carnival, or flea market I can find. Imagine: Little Italy, Mulberry Street, dozens of food vendors, and the smells that envelope you as you stroll through under the green, white, and red awnings. Not but a stone’s throw away you will discover Canal Street, fresh fish markets, confetti flying, and merchants of all kinds. You could spend an entire season festival hopping, if you wish!

For me, the coolest part of summer comes in August. NYC holds “summer streets” for the first three Saturdays of the month. Most of the city is blocked off – no cars, no cabs, no motorized vehicles of any kind. Residents and visitors are free to roam the city on foot, bike, skateboard …you get the idea. The whole ‘island’ is yours! What a magnificent adventure you could have. Lucky for me, I can trek my city cruiser down any route I wish…free at last!

In June, I will kick off my ode to summer by attending a beautiful outdoor wedding, and then a weekend full of live music on Randall‘s Island at Governor’s Ball. Did I mention live music, art, yoga, foodies, all in one location for one long weekend? The fun never ends, and so I never do get much sleep.


Love from the Big A –

SK in the City



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  1. Cassie says:

    Loved the article! We need to go kayaking next time I’m there. I’ll pack the water shoes. xo


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