By the time you read this, both my girls will be out of school and delving into their summer activities. My oldest is kicking off her summer with a three-day cruise to celebrate her friend’s 16th birthday (nice, right?!?) and then will jump into a three-week drama camp–Little Shop Of Horrors! Meanwhile, my youngest daughter (and myself) will be attending a baton twirling camp to start our summer.

But, of course, over the summer we will need to find time for reading books that we can both escape into and the ever popular “summer reading” from the school. Although I will admit I am actually intrigued to read the book my high schooler is required to read this summer. Her entire school is reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It’s the story of a poor woman whose cells–taken without her knowledge–became one of the most important tools in medical history. They were vital in developing the polio vaccine, many viruses, cloning, gene mapping and more. It took the author 10 years to delve into the history behind the research and the impact it would all have on a family who wouldn’t learn about any of it until 20 years after Henrietta’s passing. Like I said…intriguing!

My younger daughter has already checked out her first book for the summer…13 Gifts by Wendy Mass. She is a big fan of hers and has been waiting for some downtime to read this latest installment of a young girl turning 13 and not how or where she planned. My daughter wants everyone to know that any book by Mass is a good read!

For myself, I have Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay waiting on my iPad. It promises to be a great twist on the story of Romeo and Juliet who turn out not to be as in love as we have been lead to believe! Love it! This will be followed by The Wedding Night by Sophia Kinsella…a great summer fling type read! And of course, the aforementioned “school” book.

What will you and your family be reading this summer?? Let me know if you find a great new read…





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