It’s only just begun.

Back in October Janel Reedy, National Vice President for Communication, gave us a peek into the new Sigma Kappa website. With promises of a new design and interface, and easier navigating, we’ve worked out the kinks and are positive the site can be used not only as a news source but as a resource for our members and non-member audiences, as well.

For the masses.

Non-member audience…huh? Sure! New members, parents of new and current members, university officials, vendors and other National Panhellenic Conference members can all find valuable information on our website.

This audience has loads of resources at their fingertips, from the benefits of Greek life, monetary commitments, and housing and insurance policies, to the Sorority’s Strategic Direction, Standards of Excellence program, and how to become a licensed vendor. While the main goal of the Sigma Kappa website is to create a community for the members, it’s imperative that non-members can gain a clear understanding of what Sigma Kappa is and how it is growing.

For the members.

The Sigma Kappa website for initiated members takes on a whole new meaning of the word resource. Anything and everything a collegian, alumna or national officer may need is just a click away. Officers can choose their respective member status (collegiate, alumnae or volunteer) and find officer handbooks, forms and reports, as well as materials and workshops to help better run their chapters. All officers have access to flow charts and lists of chapter support teams for easy access contact.

Collegians can find a number of tutorials for using Dove Hub and resources for planning flawless recruitment events. Even promotion materials for Sigma Kappa’s RespSKt program can be downloaded, personalized and printed directly from the Collegiate section of the website.

Check out the media resources menu tab on (private) Live Sigma Kappa side of the website. This tab is packed full of a variety of things to help make our members’ lives easier, like the downloadable files of the official Sigma Kappa logo and colors and how to appropriately use them. We’ve also supplied our members with promotional flyers and handbill templates, as well as newsletter templates – we did the hard part, just put in your content. Members can also find branded PowerPoint templates, computer desktop wallpapers, and collegiate and alumnae website instructions in this menu tab.

Wait, there’s more.

The Sigma Kappa website is a vault of knowledge and resources for members and non-members alike, but what about the community part you read about earlier? Live Sigma Kappa, the members-only side of the website, is transforming into its own network. You can search for other members and send them messages directly from the website. They’ll receive an email and can contact you back. No more searching the depths of the Internet to find a long lost sister’s contact information. As long as their information is updated in the Sigma Kappa database, you’ll be getting in-touch in no time!

While this is all a lot to take in, the best way to learn how you can use the Sigma Kappa website as a resource is to do just that ­­­– use it. See what the public side of the website has to offer and then log in and click around Live Sigma Kappa so you know how to access the most important and relevant content to you.

Questions about using the website or suggestions on how to improve it? Leave a comment below or contact national headquarters at

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  1. Carly Mento says:

    This is amazing!! Great job to all involved, excited for the roll out!!!

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