‘Are you a Cosmo girl?’ I remember that question from reading the magazine as a teenager and basically thinking ‘Huh?’

Today, the term cosmopolitan has come to refer to a lot of things- we think of it when we think of the women on Sex and the City or other ‘fun, fearless, females’ living it up- not seeming to care what people thought of them. We think of it when we drink a pink martini or flip through a trashy magazine.

But the term goes so much deeper than that. Cosmopolitan actually comes from ancient Greek and translates to ‘citizen of the world.’ I love this- it actually makes me want to be a Cosmo girl!

At its most basic and most positive, being cosmopolitan means that although we all come from different backgrounds  with different belief systems, we are all part of the human community. A cosmopolitan is open to those who are different and wants to hear their perspectives. They see that we all have a responsibility to respect each other regardless of what country we call home or what language we speak.

In some ways, Sigma Kappa is its own cosmopolitan society. We join from many different backgrounds with different ideas, but come together around the core values we share as sisters. As alumnae, we come together with those from different chapters to continue to support one another as members of a larger community.

I also think travel can help up be better ‘citizens of the world.’ It allows us to get out of our comfort zone and see what is different, but also the same, about other people and cultures. Learning more about the world makes us care more about the world.

So, fellow Cosmo women, I hope as we celebrate America’s birthday this month, we also celebrate the amazing diversity that is available to us if we just get out there and find it. Cheers!

From flickr.com

From flickr.com

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  1. Carly Mento says:

    I love this! We truly are “Cosmo girls” at heart, especially within the bond of Sigma Kappa! Great article.

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