As I pondered over what book or books that I could realistically recommend that would in any way deal with patriotism, my mind at first drew a blank…then as I was scrolling through Facebook, one of my all-time favorite author’s morning post popped up and inspiration hit. While I do greatly enjoy a good historical read, I will quickly admit that if you throw some adventure, romance and a little magic in you will grab my attention much faster! The books by this author do just that, which has over the years left her publicists up in arms over trying to categorize her books. The series of books I am referring to are by Diana Gabaldon and are commonly referred to as the Outlander series.

The series currently consists of seven books with an eighth on the way (March 2014)…so you have plenty of time between now and then (And I do recommend starting now as they are each around 800 pages. Of course, once you dive in you won’t be back up for air for awhile. My family just moves along with their day when I get a new one!) But what does this have to do with patriotism or the makings of a patriot you may ask…and I will tell you…the main male character, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie, aka–Jamie, is the living embodiment of what makes a patriot. Torn from his rightful spot as laird by the English, he was left to die (more than once), imprisoned, paroled, and later lands in the new colony of North Carolina…thinking himself free, only to become embroiled in more war inflicted by the English (we most recently left him in the middle of the beginning of the Revolutionary War). Throughout everything he is subjected to (and believe me, it’s a lot), he remains true to his beliefs, values and steadfast loyalty to his God, wife and country. 

Jamie’s wife and soulmate is Claire–and there is nothing simple about her character either. She is one of the strongest, funniest, intelligent female characters I have read. A triage nurse when we first meet her, she becomes a fully accredited surgeon in two historical times when it was not the most popular career for a woman. Yes, you read that right…remember that bit of magic I mentioned earlier? There is some serious time travel in this series…and as Forrest Gump would say “that’s all I have to say about that.”



So if you find yourself idle or in the need of a new role model (Who says they can’t be fictional characters?)–check out Outlander the first in the amazing epic story of Claire and Jamie…you won’t find a better read this summer!


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2 Responses to What is a Patriot?

  1. Stephanie Ayres says:

    LOVE this series of books!

    • Anne says:

      Did you hear the books are coming as a series to Starz?? I’m excited to see a tv series…could never be a good movie…too much for 2hours!! Lol

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