President, Rachel; VP Rush, Celeste; and me, VP of New Member Education in front of our chapter in Auburn on Squeal Day 1993.

…or two or 20. First of all, let me state that I know we don’t say sorority rush anymore, we say sorority formal recruitment. But for this posting, forgive me, I’m going to be flashing back to the 90s and then back to present day.


Do you remember your rush crushes? I do. Partly because they are now my sisters, but also because we knew they would be a PERFECT fit for Sigma Kappa. This year, I have quite a few girls that I would love to see pledge Sigma Kappa. I feel weird this year (more than the other 19 years) that I’ve been alumnae, because all of my son’s friends from high school are going through formal recruitment in a month. I’ve been a rushee, a rusher, and a rec writer, but this year I just I feel differently about it. Well, mainly I think it’s because I have a ton of rush crushes! Is it bad for me to want all the other sororities to cut the girls except for us? Is it bad for me to want them to be happiest in Sigma Kappa? I mean, I do. I’ll be at squeal day this year, and nothing would make me happier than to see them with a huge ΣΚ on their T-shirts. I know I can’t have all of them, but can I have most? Yes, I admit it. I’m greedy.


I have been looking over the incoming freshmen girls’ resumes from my hometown, and they are astounding. At my son’s high school, if you graduated with a 4.0, you were ranked around 100th in a class of 450. Is that scary or what? They all have tons of activities inside and outside school,  and all of them are sweet. When there are 87 from one high school going through, how do you choose? I know the girls will do cutting during recruitment as well, but I want them all to feel at home and loved by Sigma Kappa.


Some of my sweet sisters on Pref Day 1993.

Some of my sweet sisters on Pref Day 1992.

I’m already so nervous for all my crushes going through recruitment and for my dearest Auburn Sigma Kappas. I can’t imagine how nervous I’ll be when my daughter goes through in five years. Heaven help me, I’ll be a nervous wreck. Well, August 18 will be here in no time, and I’ll know if I’ll get to call my son’s sweet friends by a new name, sister. I hope so!!!  You’ll want to be a Sigma when you see a Sigma, when you get to know a Sigma K.  :)


Sigma love & mine, ~ashley

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2 Responses to I Have a Crush

  1. Teri Centner Teri Centner says:

    Ah, makes me wish I had a legacy. But I never kids. Perhaps I’ll look for a mentoring program for high school girls so I have somebody to write recs for in the future…

  2. Anne says:

    I anxiously await the time my two girls head off to college…only two years left until my first leaves the nest!! Hope they find their special place…but also hope it’s Sigma Kappa!!! :)

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