Recently, one of my favorite authors–have been enjoying her since I was in high school and first discovered romance novels–joined the world of social media. To hear her tell the story, she was pushed and prodded until she finally relented; although now she states that she really enjoys chatting with fans each day on Facebook. It was one of her posts, however, that stuck with me and made me really wonder about the power of opinion in social media. She commented one day that a series many of her fans enjoyed would not have any more books as there had been quite a bit of negativity towards the books on book selling sites. Due to these negative people, a very fun series was ended. She is currently writing a trilogy set in Nantucket but that too will not be added to as people’s opinions on having a specific location mentioned in the book are not– to be nice–positive. In spite of the negativity of recent years, she still keeps writing and endures the harsh editing process and dictates that the company hands down.

It greatly saddens me that there are people out there with such negativity that they feel they can and should spew it forward. Does no one live by the “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t speak” motto? It makes me wonder what these peoples lives are like? Are they that unhappy that they need to try to bring a complete stranger down to feel better about themselves?

As a collegiate Sigma Kappa, this was something I cherished…having a sisterhood you could count on, that wasn’t there to bring you down, but to lift you up. Maybe that is why I am so bothered by the barrage of reality shows and social media that focus on putting people against each other and belittling them. I know that somewhere out there, in the mix of the all the craziness, lives on the heart of the Sigma sisterhood–encouraging both sisters and the people we encounter each day to be a little bit better.

They say that a smile to a stranger can make that person’s day–and really how hard is it to just be nicer to the people we encounter–be it the checkout girl, barista, waitress, co-worker or a neighbor–say HELLO…smile…open the door. Just pay forward the generous heart of your Sigma sisters.

Thanks for listening to my vent!  Let me know what you think. Should someone’s unrequested opinion really dictate the way an author writes?


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2 Responses to Social Media vs. the Writer

  1. Carly Mento says:

    Such an interactive article! I stand by the moral of not caring what anyone else thinks of you – be the person you want to be. Write what YOU want to write! There is but one life to live and it is your own. It is sad that social media has become an outlet for negative opinion and emotion, although that is apart of our first amendment rights. I do hope the author sticks to her beliefs and continues to follow her heart!

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