Welcome to Throwback Tuesday! This article was originally published in the March 1928 edition of the Sigma Kappa Triangle. It was written in 1922 by Mildred Cutter Coolidge, Xi. Ninety-one years later, the questions are still relevant for alumnae today. Take a minute to ask yourself the same questions Mildred asked herself in 1922.

                                                                     What kind of an alumna are you?         

I was alone- just thinking of college days, and recalling Sigma Kappa memories. It is pleasant to think of how we all worked together for our beloved Sigma Kappa. How happy we were, too, when the alumnae came back to see us, or helped us in so many of the ways that alumnae can. And there came to my mind certain outstanding personalities—those alumnae whom we all loved and knew so well because of their frequent visits to the chapter house. They were the alumnae who seemed to know just when we needed their help most and were always bubbling over with interest in Sigma Kappa. Then I remembered other sisters whom we could count on sometimes, but who didn’t come to see us often. Yes, they were interested but they were the sort that we felt should make an extra effort to please. And then there were the remaining alumnae whom we didn’t even know.

Then suddenly I was brought to the realization that there I sat- an alumna, and the questions sprang to my mind: what kind of an alumna am I? Am I allowing myself to slip away from Sigma Kappa since I left school, or am I proving myself to be the kind of alumna I admired- the kind who is really a credit to her fraternity? Every alumnae member falls into one of the three following classes: first, the alumna who is a credit to her chapter-who really offers her services and who is always at hand when needed; second, the alumna who apparently forgets her chapter when she leaves college and incidentally forgets the national chapter, she is interested but neither helps her chapter nor does she criticize it (she does not know enough about it to criticize), and third, the alumna who has allowed herself to become disinterested in her fraternity.

Have you ever stopped to consider what kind of alumna you are? Are you a credit to your sorority? You consider yourself a loyal Sigma but are you really keeping yourself informed about what Sigma Kappa is doing? Do you realize that your services are needed to make the Endowment Fund campaign a success?

How often we hear an alumna say, “I should like to help the chapter, but I am so busy I never go to the house.” But how many ways we have of serving our fraternity and coincidently our chapter, even though we are too busy to know our college sisters, personally, and visit our Alma Mater frequently! And right now is our best opportunity of all to express our interest in Sigma Kappa- it takes no time!

What kind of alumna are you?  How do you Live Sigma Kappa?


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  1. Ashley Nance Ashley Nance says:

    The great thing is, if you’re not involved, it’s not hard to get started back! :) Once you get started back…you suddenly remember why you joined. It’s not a what or why, it’s a who. It’s fun to reconnect with sisters you haven’t seen in forever & hopefully make a collegiate chapter stronger with wisdom that comes with age. I hope when it’s all said & done, I can be someone who made a positive contribution to Sigma Kappa, and maybe bring a few others along with me!
    In Sigma,

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