As I stepped over the threshold of 8733 Founders Road on my first day as the executive director of the Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation, I hoped I knew what I was getting myself into…really knew. Sure, I knew how to run an organization and manage staff, and I was confident in my leadership style. However, Sigma Kappa was not mine. I did not come to the national headquarters with an undergraduate experience or a connection to the Greek community. So in the absence of proof, experience or evidence, it was trust and confidence in an unknown staff and organization on which I would have to rely. Most call this faith.

Orienting myself with staff, processes, policies, daily routines, leaders and all things Sigma Kappa was equally overwhelming and exhilarating. The past accomplishments of NHC volunteers were evident. The current direction of the corporation was somewhat troubling, but clear. With the opportunities of the future hanging in the balance, the NHC leaders had prioritized my objectives.

My first priority was to identify why the NHC was struggling to provide the services that are core to our mission. That part proved to be quite easy—but only in comparison to the second priority of determining the solutions. Questions flooded my mind: how will we change, can we change, will change be accepted, do we have the right resources, are we capable, who are our champions, are we ready to face our challenges? Where would I find these answers? It was time for me to rely on faith.

I believe that faith shows up in many forms throughout our lives. At Sigma Kappa, my faith shows up in people. It turns out that’s where I found most of my answers too. The unknown staff and board of directors, along with local housing and national volunteers, provided the guidance, support, direction, encouragement and knowledge needed. The effects are long-lasting as the opportunities for the NHC to enhance the experience for Sigma Kappa women continue to be realized.

My faith is regularly renewed as I watch all who are connected to Sigma Kappa collaborate, share resources, communicate and believe in each other. More than 365 days later, I gladly make the daily passage through the doors of the Sigma Kappa National Headquarters with knowledge, trust, and my eyes wide open. Coupled with my faith in the members, volunteers, staff and values of Sigma Kappa, I’m ready for what the future holds.


Casey Keller

Executive Director

National Housing Corporation

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