We all have a little more shopping to do, I’m sure. And, we all need a little sustenance during those long days when those few small things we went to pick up turn into a five-hour shop-a-thon. How do we eat at the mall without gaining it all? Believe it or not, there are good choices that you can make while shopping. My major health tips are to pay attention to increasing your protein and fiber and reducing your salt.


If you wanna sip your calories in a smoothie or blended juice, choose less sugar and more organic juices. Many juice bars will juice a few fruits/veggies and add to sorbet or another filler. Look for the menu item that is all fruit or veggie with no add-ins. This will have natural sugars from fiber for natural energy. In terms of coffees or hot beverages, not too much you can do besides avoiding whipped cream and grabbing that small pack of (unchocolatey) nuts to make it last just a little longer.


If you want more of an entrée, there are better choices you can make. Try to reduce the rice or pasta. If eating Asian flavors, go for steamed veggies. If eating Italian, choose veggie-based toppings or dishes. Even veggie-topped pizza can be better than the calzone because there are fewer opportunities for the extra sugars in that oh-so-filling bread to affect you at the last few stores.


Dairy is protein, but it can have a lot of sodium or calories. Same for your deli meats. Choose in moderation. Add more veggies to your sandwich or salad. Avoid iceberg lettuce if you can, and go for a darker lettuce that will stay with you longer. Try and reduce the amount of dressing to avoid the extra sugar and calories. Think quality over quantity.


Whether you are shopping this weekend or down to the last minute, you can always make a better choice for yourself. After all, since it took you an hour to pick the right color cardigan for your sister friend, I think you can spare an extra 45 seconds of perusing the menu in the food court for a better option.


Live on Purpose and Live Sigma Kappa,


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