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Ashley Nance

Ashley Nance, Theta Xi, is, as she puts it, “livin’ the dream” – she’s a married mother of four wonderfully crazy kids and two dogs, and daughter of the Lord Most High who loves to serve God, her family, and her community. Ashley is about to turn 40, and welcomes it gladly. She proudly declares: “I’m not perfect but greatly blessed!” Her personal blog is “Measure of Joy.” You can also follow Ashley’s “A Year in the Life” blog – a one-post-a-day for a (leap) year project.

Ashley blogs in the category of Parenting & Family.


Penney Blakely

Penney Blakely, Zeta Mu, is a 2002 graduate of UC San Diego.  She currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lives with her husband, two incredibly energetic children, dog, goldfish and brother, and works at the University of Michigan in encephalitis research.  You can read more about her captivating life at her personal blog,

Penney blogs in the category of Parenting & Family.


Alisa Jordan

Alisa Jordan, Delta, attributes her passion for traveling to her parents, who first put her on a plane at the age of six months. From getting her first tooth in a bar in Maui to spending her 25th birthday on a transatlantic flight, exploring the world has been a significant part of Alisa’s life since she could say the word “passport.” She chronicles her trips and other travel-related thoughts on her personal blog, No Bags to Check. Alisa is an occupational therapist and active member of the European Alumnae Chapter, her home away from home when she lived in London, and the Chicago Alumnae Chapter. If you can’t find her waiting in line at security, try the yoga studio, yarn store, local hole-in-the wall restaurant, or museum.

Alisa blogs in the category of Travel.


Jessica Reddick Gatlin

Jessica Reddick Gatlin, Kappa Eta, is an alumna of Texas Christian University and at times, likes to think of herself as a Southern Belle. She has a major love for baking & cooking, photography, shopping, TCU football (she bleeds a mean purple), 50’s advertising and collecting antiques. When she’s not in the kitchen, she works as the Marketing Director for her family’s mail order business in North Texas and blogs at My Baking Heart.

Jessica blogs in the category of Crafts & Cooking.




Alesha Caldwell Graves, Alpha Chi, is married to an incredible man and is a mother to a beautiful daughter.  She and her husband are leaders of the financial freedom ministry at Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY. Alesha received a Bachelors of Science degree in accounting from Georgetown College in 1999 and earned the Certified Public Accountant license in 2001.  In November 2012 she completed a Master of Science in Accounting degree from the University of Connecticut.   She grew up in the small town of Falmouth, KY, and currently resides in Lexington, KY. She and her husband author a blog titled Keys: Unlocking Financial Freedom.

Alesha blogs in the category of Budget & Finance.


Anne Boodheshwar

Anne Boodheshwar, Theta Upsilon, Bowling Green State University, has been an avid reader for over 30 years and enjoys exploring and learning through a variety of literature genres.  As a busy mother of two active girls, she sets high standards for the books she reads.  For a book to be desirable and readable it must be engaging, original and interesting from the beginning to the end.  Anne enjoys discussing the pros and cons of the books she reads and then passing on her opinions to help other active women make the most of their own reading time.

Anne blogs in the category of Books & Reading.



Courtney Hannah

Courtney Hannah, Beta Tau, University of Florida, currently works as a counselor for individuals with disabilities and provides services to help them utilize community resources to find and maintain employment. She earned her master’s degree in health science with a concentration in rehabilitation counseling and a bachelor’s degree in food science and human nutrition with a concentration in dietetics, both from the University of Florida. In her free time Courtney is the ABC for the Beta Tau Chapter as well as the Vice President of Membership for the Tampa Bay Alumnae Chapter. Courtney enjoys all things college football related, mushy movies and reality TV.

Courtney blogs in the category of Health & Fitness.


Dana Reinertson

Dana Reinertson, Mu, University of Washington, graduated Spring 2011 and is an aspiring Public Relations professional. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington and adores being involved with her chapter (once a sisterhood chair, always a sisterhood chair!).  She loves to hike, travel, cook, go to Sounders games, sing, and play piano as a duet team with her twin sister (who is also a Sigma Kappa).  You can learn more about Dana via her personal blog “Puppies and Politics” and follow her on Twitter @danaevyn.

Dana blogs in the category of Lifestyle.



Carly Mento

Carly Mento, Theta Chi, is a young-professional working in the fashion industry in New York City. Aside from her love for fashion and style, she is also passionate about writing. She currently blogs with a more intricate pov on the industry by depicting the ‘how’s’ and the ‘why’s’ behind the matter-of-fact. In her spare time, she indulges her creative-side through painting, street photography, blogging, bicycling, music, and reading. Being that she lives in the “big apple”, most weekends are spent exploring new nooks and crannies of the ever dynamic city that never sleeps. Through Live Sigma Kappa, Carly hopes to relay her experience in NYC while balancing the fundamental values of our sisterhood.

Carly blogs in the category of SK in the City.



Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Rebecca Pope-Ruark is a graduate of Westminster College (PA) and an initiate of the Alpha Sigma Chapter. Known as Becki to her chapter sisters and as Becca to everyone since college, she’s been all over the country working in marketing and getting more advanced degrees than anyone really needs. She currently lives in North Carolina where she is an assistant professor of English/Professional Writing and Rhetoric at Elon University. She advises the lovely Kappa Zeta chapter at Elon and is the vice president of the Triangle Alumnae chapter (which has the best Book Club in the country. Really, we rock). She makes jewelry in her spare time and has a lot of Sigma Kappa t-shirts (but she’s always accepting donations, size M).

Rebecca Pope-Ruark blogs in the category of Sigma Kappa News & Notes.



Mallory Craft

Malory Craft, Delta Chi, is a 23-year-old working in Alumni Relations in Central Oklahoma. Graduating in 2010 with a B.A. in English, she has been a life-long reader and writer. Voted funniest Sigma Kappa 3 years in a row, she enjoys exploring (and writing about) about the post-graduate transition that we all go through. She also enjoys sushi, shopping, and a good happy-hour! There’s also a soft spot in her heart for musicals and cheesy television. A self-proclaimed bucket-list addict, she’s checking things off one at a time at her personal blog: You can also find her tweeting the day away at @malory.

Malory blogs about Recent Graduates.


Christine Navin

Christine Navin, Beta Upsilon, graduated from Ohio University in 1993 and earned her MBA in 2000 from Capital University. After working for a opthamology practice, hospital and HMO, I decided to “retire” at 30 and start my mommy career. I have a son, Joseph, and daughter, Stella, oh and the hubby as well.  When I am not scrapping macaroni and cheese of the tile I am soothing scrapped knees with princess bandages. Within the last year we relocated to northern Virginia after living in Ohio our entire lives. I am excited to have a new house to organize. Join me while I declutter and make a home out of this chaos. Besides my blog,, you may also follow me on twitter @ChristineNavin or on pintrest.

Christine blogs about Home Decor & Organization.


Billie Kellar

My name is Billie Kellar I am an initiate of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter and a 2008 Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate with a B.A. in Journalism.  I married my high school sweetheart at a beautiful lavender and maroon themed wedding, and I am now the mother of two wild German Shepherds and one crazy kitty.  I am a working girl by day, cook and baker by night and weekends, which I document at  I enjoy roller coasters, fall, camp fires, reading, being with my family and anything that involves caramel.  I love being able to stay involved with Sigma Kappa by advising the Vice President of Membership at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and now by contributing to Live Sigma Kappa.

Billie blogs about Crafts & Cooking.


Lisa Deininger

Lisa Deininger, Gamma Pi, is a 2011 graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College and has received her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Lisa is currently living the life of a self-proclaimed “adulty-dult.” Working to pay off her students loans, bills, and saving for her future home, Lisa enjoys arts, crafts, cooking, and baking. To get away from her “adulty-dult” everyday life she loves spending time with her friends and family around the table and in the kitchen. Lisa has two sisters and one brother and tons of amazing Sigma sisters world wide! She enjoys the little things in life such as a good night hug from her nieces or the ending to a good book. You can follow her twitter at @lisadelujun or on facebook at

Lisa blogs about Crafts & Cooking.


Jennifer Peterson

Jennifer Peterson, Zeta Iota, Elmhurst College, is a passionate book lover and reader, professional librarian with an MLIS from Dominican University, writer and favorite auntie to two little boys. Most of the books she reads become favorites, but really loves Hemingway, Shakespeare, Gone With the Wind, Anna Karenina and any kind of Brit Lit or poetry she can get her hands on. She is currently interning in the youth services department of a library in the Chicago area where she created, writes and regularly maintains a blog called, “Ready Set Read” for the early literacy center helping young children get ready to read. When she’s not riding her bike down country roads in her new town, she also writes at her personal blog, where her goal is to bring fun to the library world, break the stereotypes and wear insensible shoes! Jennifer is also a longtime member and past president of the Chicago West Towns alumnae chapter, created and maintains the Sigma Kappa LinkedIn group, and is an advisory board member for the Gamma Zeta chapter.  You can find her on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and share books on GoodReads.

Jennifer blogs about Books & Reading.


Photo by Scott Indermaur

Photo by Scott Indermaur

Alexandra Kreher, Kappa Zeta, Elon University, has a passion for event planning, blogging, and networking. With a BS in Sport & Event management, since her graduation from college she has planned and executed a number of high-end events in Rhode Island and surrounding areas, including working on the Pell Awards in Providence, RI, Talent Shows, Weddings, and Private Parties. In 2012-13 she was the Festival Director for Providence’s Bright Night, an artist-run New Years Eve festival that takes place each year.

Alexandra currently works as an event planner for The Savory Affair Event Planning & Design based out of Rhode Island. Whenever she gets a moment away from her busy schedule, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and adorable dog, Bear!

Alexandra blogs about Photography & Events.



Adriana Diachenko

Adriana Diachenko, Theta Omega, Loyola University. I have taught high school English and then returned to school to earn a master’s degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities. Currently I am working as a high school Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach teaching students strategic reading skills based on the college readiness standards (and cheering on our football and basketball teams!). I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons, extended family and friends!  In my free time I am the CPO for the wonderful women of the Eta and Gamma Zeta chapters as well as the Vice President of Programming for the Chicago South Suburban Alumnae Chapter. I love all things hockey! On a weekend, or weeknight, you can find me watching a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game with my kids. In between Ill cheer for the Cubs and Bears.

Adriana blogs about Sigma Kappa News & Notes.


Teri Centner

Teri Centner, Theta Lambda, was initiated as a colony member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989. Immediately thereafter, she graduated with a B.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics and started a 20-year career in the United States Air Force. Since retiring from active duty in 2009, she has been an IT consultant to Department of Defense. Teri has been fascinated with technology since she and her mom bought a Timex Sinclair 1000 computer in the early 80s. She sent her first email in 1985, signed up with AOL in 1994, started blogging in 2001, became a virtual tourist in 2004 and jumped into social networking a few years ago. If she’s not on Twitter, you’ll find her on Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, FourSquare or FoodSpotting. Over the years, she has sought out sister geeks and shared her love of technology with the alumnae chapters in Dayton, Los Angeles, Europe and the National Capital Region.

Teri is the Online Community Coordinator for Live Sigma Kappa, and she blogs about Technology.



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